Reminder: Cantina available tonight for VIPs

Update 2 – 10am 16/09: I have spoken to LEGO Australia and they aren’t sure why this was changed. It’s been escalated to the global team but due to timezones it might be a while before I get any response.

UPDATE: So it seems LEGO changed the date? The website is now saying available September 17th while the press release originally said the 16th. Maybe stay up until midnight but if it doesn’t become available head to bed.

By this point in time we all know that the Australian LEGO warehouse holds about 10 of each popular new release set, so I can say with some confidence that the 75290 Mos Eisley Cantina set is going to sell out during the VIP pre-release. That VIP pre-release should start in just a few hours at midnight AEST.


You’ll be able to get yours from here when it goes live for $529.99 [affiliate link]

23 thoughts on “Reminder: Cantina available tonight for VIPs

    • Chris Grigsby Reply

      And now at 6am the LEGO site has removed the VIP access details completely?

        • Chris Grigsby Reply

          The trolling has moved to email! 🙂

          At 10.15am the Lego VIP Programme emailed us that VIP access is on for 17/9, and that Yoda’s Lightsaber will be the free gift with purchase.

          The website:
          1. still makes no mention of VIP access being available at all now
          2. tells me to create a Lego ID, when I’m already logged in
          3. is informing me with a banner on price changes due to a reduction in Irish VAT, that when you click takes you to a “COVID-19 Update” page

          Ahhhhh!!!! Oh LEGO! Why have you forsaken me? 🙂

  1. Colin Henson Reply

    Hello. I am new to this. What is the benefit of ordering this kit tomorrow rather than waiting for 1 October? Is there a risk of missing out on 1 October? Is there a gift included for ordering on 17 September? Colin

      • Colin Henson Reply

        Thanks for the quick reply, Michael. It seems a funny way to run a business. Would Lego make more $ selling to meet the need? I will be online at midnight. Good luck getting one. Colin

  2. eudrup Reply

    Any word on whether Australian buyers will get the Yoda lightsaber gift with purchase?

  3. Chad Reply

    So they said the 16th, then they changed it to the 17th. Then the notice disappears, mystifying everyone in the process. Nothing can possibly surprise me now except for the scenario where Lego don’t release the set tonight for VIPS and we are left gasping for air.

    An anxious evening up ahead.

  4. TeufelHund Reply

    If it’s really not available till October I might hold off and wait till they have 2x VIP points (usually mid-October) unless there is an amazing GWP (of course risk then is they don’t have stock during the double VIP promo).

    From memory they had enough of Betrayal at Cloud City that it could be nabbed for 2x points in October.

  5. p heaney Reply

    Rang them and the word was that they have no stock so no date for VIP access. was not happy

  6. hitthepacecar Reply

    US site unable to order but can go to Asia and Europe sites an order just can’t ship it to usa

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