On Sale: 20% Off At Big W

It’s been a while since we’ve had a flat 20% off sale at Big W bit from tomorrow that is exactly what is on offer.

From September 17th to 30th Big W are offering 20% off all toys including LEGO.

You can check out their LEGO range here.

7 thoughts on “On Sale: 20% Off At Big W

  1. Andrew Reply

    Live now. Just placed a C&C order for some smaller sets they say are in stock at my local. Be interesting to see how many they actually have. In the price checks I did vs Target, the Big W pricing was generally cheaper (apart from 42114). Mario Starter Pack is $59 ($30 off).

  2. Rose Reply

    Looks like the 20% discount doesn’t apply to their online only sets eg Minecraft Crafting Box etc 🙁

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