On Sale: Various Offers At Myer

Both Big W and Target have opted to keep things simple for their September school holiday sales. Myer on the other hand? Well they have opted for an eclectic mix of random offers and discounts. Offers which will get even more confusing when they inevitably launch an exclusion filled Super Weekend tomorrow.

Here are the offers. This article contains affiliate links. Also I have no idea when these offers end.

Discounted Barracuda Bay

The Pirates of Barracuda Bay is one of the random sets that is on sale. As something usually excluded it’s good to see a discount on this. Down to $269 from $299.99. Find it here.

20% off the following themes:

25% off Trolls

There are only a few sets but the Trolls range is 25% off. Find them here.

Other Adult Collector discounts

Myer also has a new Adult Collector catalogue out. Some sets are discounted. Some aren’t. It’s not really clear. You can check it out for yourself here.


6 thoughts on “On Sale: Various Offers At Myer

  1. Andrew Reply

    Thanks Michael, for keeping us up to date on all these. For anyone out there umming and ahhing about Barracuda Bay, IMO it’s the set of the year, and this is the first time i’ve seen it discounted. Was a good buy at RRP, any discount makes it sweet.

  2. Hammers33 Reply

    New to this, will there be better sales in October? Great hall already out of stock

  3. Brick Chap Reply

    Argh! Every time I find POBB on sale I miss out! Is there a way to find out if it will be restocked?

  4. Jonathan Wilson Reply

    Its stupid that retailers keep excluding the good stuff from their sales. Just sell me the Sian at 20% off and I will jump on it
    But of course as long as there are idiots (and scalpers) willing to pay RRP for it, that’s not going to happen.

    • Andrew Reply

      If I’m buying at RRP, I will buy from S@H and at least get some points and possibly a freebie. Trouble is, they’ve been struggling with inventory of late.

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