Avast, ye scurvy dogs, and behold this mighty fine ship

It’s been a good 5 years since we’ve last seen oceans full of pirate crews. I was beginning to assume that the privateers had taken over completely and the days of piracy were comin’ to an end. But alas my fears were for nought. This year I have been beholden to two of the finest pirate vessels I have seen in all me days. Let me share with you the tale of one of those ships – The Creator.


She’s not the biggest ship I have ever laid eyes on but she certainly has her charms.


While some of them modern ships use a moulded hull the Creator features a hull built from scratch by some Danish shipwrights.


The Creator has twin masts with a new style sail. It’s a sail design that I ain’t seen before but blow me down its actually great. Of course the Jolly Roger is proudly displayed.



Decoratin’ the bow is a mermaid figurehead. The stories say the captain of the Creator got himself lost at sea during a storm and before Davey Jones could claim him he was rescued by a mermaid.


You won’t want to run into the Creator out at sea as she’s got 2 cannons an a Captain more than willin’ to use ’em. If you cop a barrage on your broadside it’ll be the locker for ye.



Captain Bartholomew ‘Brown Tooth’ Appleton isn’t one to bunk down with his crew so it won’t shock you to hear that the Captain’s quarters on the Creator are fit for the King himself.



Captain Brown Tooth’s crew may be a bunch o’ scurvy dogs but they know their way around a poop deck. The crew includes James ‘Old Bear’ Booth, a man who has spent more time at sea than on land; and Whitby ‘The Kid’ Blackwood, a young lad eager to make his mark on the world.


The last member of the crew is Old Bones. The former coxswain who attempted a mutiny. The bilge-suckin’ rat was keelhauled and hung up on the crow’s nest as a feast for the birds. He now serves as a reminder to the rest of the crew that they’re shark bait if they come for the Cap’n.


Happy international Talk Like a Pirate Day!


The Creator 3-in-1 Pirate Ship is probably one of my favourite sets of the year. It’s an absolutely fantastic build and well-priced for what you get. Honestly I almost feel like heading out and getting two more just for the alternate builds.

It’s currently advertised at Big W for $95 but stock appears to be incredibly limited after a surge in sales a few days go. Target has it for $111 while Kmart is asking $119 for it. It’s absolutely worth $120 and anything lower than that is a steal.

5 thoughts on “Avast, ye scurvy dogs, and behold this mighty fine ship

  1. Magmafrost13 Reply

    Looks like Target’s stock of this set is just as lacking as Big W’s. They both really just had… no stock of anything for their current sales, huh.

  2. Dort Reply

    Great review. Wasn’t completely convinced that I needed another pirate ship but Looks like now I need to get it.

  3. Andrew Reply

    Great review. I bought this one for the grandchildren but may just build it myself now ????

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