FYI – No pre-order for The Child in Australia


Just a quick update as I know a few people have been wanting to pre-order 75318 The Child.

I have received confirmation that there will be no pre-order for this set here in Australia.

The official release will still be October 30 both online and at the various LEGO stores around the country.

While the pre-order option won’t be available for this particular set LEGO has said they are always looking to improve their systems and logistics, so hopefully they manage to find some some solutions in this area for future releases.

2 Responses to FYI – No pre-order for The Child in Australia

  1. Nicole says:

    Can I ask – will it be at midnight that the set will be released? Very keen to get this one so happy to stay up late if needed ????

  2. James says:

    Just saw pre-order on Zavvi actually!

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