October GWP promotion is now live

A new promotion has just gone live at LEGO.com. Spend over $99 and receive a free “Build Your Own Vehicles” set. The set itself looks fairly small but hey, it’s free!


More details of the promotion can be found here. [affiliate link]

The only issue is going to be what to actually buy…

  • Diagon Alley™ – Out of stock
  • Grand Piano – Out of stock
  • Mos Eisley Cantina™ – Out of stock
  • Nintendo Entertainment System™ – Out of stock

2 thoughts on “October GWP promotion is now live

  1. Andrew Reply

    I’ve stopped getting excited about GWPs and new releases. Inventory control is a mess, and so is fulfillment (a colleague ordered the NES when it was allegedly “in stock”, had his order cancelled a month later and is still waiting on a refund). Plentiful stock of all of the above on eBay, so the scalpers don’t seem to have trouble ordering. This isn’t the Lego company I love :(.

  2. Jonathan Wilson Reply

    Given that I have spotted this exact polybag at one of the Brisbane LEGO stores recently (forget if it was Dreamworld or Robina or Chermside) for $5 or so, why bother buying from LEGO?

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