Double VIP Points from October 8-20

People who have been LEGO fans for a few years won’t be shocked to learn that LEGO is once again doing a Double VIP point period in October. It really has become something of an annual tradition.

This year the Double VIP period runs from October 8th until October 20th. Which means it ends just before the VIP release of the Batwing, weird.

I’m not sure exactly what you are going to buy to earn your double VIP points as most of the popular exclusives are out of stock again/still. If you do find something worth getting let me know.

Head over to now to start shopping [Affiliate link].

6 thoughts on “Double VIP Points from October 8-20

  1. Stewie Reply

    Do you know when the Charles Dickens GWP will be available to us Aussies? Thanks

    • Benjamin Reply

      Great question Stewie. I’ve been googling this this week and can’t find a date for LEGO shop, looks like its only in certified shops in australia atm?

      Any update on this would be amazing Michael!

  2. Brick Chap Reply

    Does this apply to in store purchases? And I also would like an answer to Stewie’s question.

    • Michael Post authorReply

      No, the LEGO stores around the country are LEGO Certified Stores (plus a LEGOLAND Discovery Centre). As these stores aren’t operated by LEGO, they don’t have the regular VIP program. There is a common VIP program between most of the stores but Dreamworld and LEGOLAND Discovery Centre each have their own programs.

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