On Sale: 20% Off 2 or more at Myer

I missed this one earlier today when it started but I’m here now to let you know about the latest offer from Myer.

From today (October 8th) until October 11th you can get 20% off when you buy two or more toys. You don’t have to get two LEGO sets but why would you get anything else?

There are of course some exclusions: Art, Creator Expert, Ideas, Super Mario, 51515 Mindstorms, 71043 Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle, 76139 Batmobile and 42115 Lamborghini Sian Fkp 37.

If those exclusions haven’t put you off head here and check out the range. [affiliate link]

Thanks to everybody who reminded me about this one.

8 thoughts on “On Sale: 20% Off 2 or more at Myer

  1. Gabe Reply

    I’ve been trying to get a discounted Star Destroyer for months but I always arrive late :(. Even if I login in at midnight or 3am, they put the product page up but it’s always Out of Stock. What am I doing wrong? Do they even have stock? Is all stock taken in 5 seconds by scalpers that somehow know the exact moment new stock is up on the website?

    • Monty Reply

      I am the exact same as you. However, the ISD and the MF and a Treehouse went up yesterday at some very early time. So they sold out at full price and only the Death Star had enough stock to make it to the discounted prices.

      Honestly not sure who buys them, but it is either they don’t have a lot of stock to begin with each time they stock them or resellers are purchasing them.

      However, for some reason I have found certain Lego sets during Covid are just selling insanely fast. The Star Wars Helmets are still hard to get, and the Fiat initially sold out fast but is slowing down.

      The ISD is available on Lego site with double VIP points, but I too want the discount Myer offers for such an expensive set, so I am just going to wait. I don’t think it is going anywhere soon, but I also won’t be getting any time soon it seems unfortunately.

      On a side note, I also want the treehouse which sells out just as fast at full price. However, on the main Lego site it initially said sold out, so I contacted them as the US site allowed for back orders and they unfortunately replied as though I was from the US. Then I contacted them again, just to say I was in Australia – they are always so lovely, cannot fault their service – however they told me that it wouldn’t be as sold out generally meant they wouldn’t restock, which was odd as Myer was still getting stock and now they have been updated with temporarily out of stock. So I have no idea what is going on there, but shall just keep checking the pages.

      In general the Lego site has had trouble keeping stock in as well it seems, the piano came up on the Australian site for half a day before it was sold out.

      Honestly not sure what is going on, but I will wait for my discounted ISD.

      • Jonathan Wilson Reply

        The Robina LEGO store here in QLD has mostly had no problems keeping stock of all the good stuff (I was in there on Friday and they even had the Treehouse in stock).

      • Lisa Reply

        I got lucky and managed to get the treehouse through Myer’s ebay page after the official Myer site would only offer Click and Collect and there were any in stock near me.
        FYI – Toybricks seem to have the treehouse in stock online atm.

      • Matt Reply

        They were both available for hours later that night at discounts by the way, Myer often does that check for restocks after initial run

  2. Chris Reply

    Sign up to brickhawk. I managed to get the isd mid morning yesterday as a result of a brickhawk alert. Being delivered today.

  3. Jonathan Wilson Reply

    Could someone (I don’t care who) just put the Sian on a discount instead of always excluding it from every sale?

    • Andrew Reply

      If it follows the pattern of the Porsche and the Bugatti, it’ll be about 6 months before it’s generally available and discounted. Of course in the current climate that is all up in the air. Lego themselves had a 30% off a handful of newer sets in black friday sales last year, they may do that again. Moot point I guess if everything’s still out of stock by then.

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