Reminder: 76161 1989 Batwing goes on sale for VIPs tonight

Just a friendly reminder that the VIP release for 76161 1989 Batwing should go live at midnight AEDT tonight, or some time around then.


This one could sell out so if you are wanting this before Christmas I probably wouldn’t want to gamble with a second batch between now and then.

You can order yours for $299.99 from here. [affiliate link]

2 thoughts on “Reminder: 76161 1989 Batwing goes on sale for VIPs tonight

  1. Tim Reply

    Got my order in at midnight and double VIP points was still live as an additional bonus. It went live at about 1202 by my reckoning. It was showing out of stock to start off with but could order after a few refreshes.

    • Ado Reply

      Hi Tim – did your double points go through? I got double points too but today now its shipped and only came with standard points – wonder where we stand with this?

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