The Child Buying Guide

Firstly – if you are in law enforcement and have come across this article please note that I am specifically talking about 75318 The Child, a $119.99 LEGO set. Don’t buy real children.


Now, with that out of the way lets discuss 75318 The Child. This cute little thing was officially released today to coincide with the return of The Mandalorian. And you want to buy one right? Well it looks like you won’t be able to get one from LEGO directly just yet. The set seemingly went straight from Coming Soon to Temporarily out of stock. I don’t know if there was a point in the middle there where it was actually available. If you want to keep an eye on the product page you can find it here. This is a tempting option with the Han Solo keyring promo.

If you don’t care about bonuses and just want the best raw price then Kmart has this set listed for $99, which is $20 below RRP.

Slightly more expensive is Big W at $119.

If you happen to live close to a store then the various certified stores and LLDC should have stock of this set at RRP but it’s probably best to call ahead if possible.

Target, Amazon, David Jones and Myer do not as yet have listings for this but I’ll keep checking.


5 thoughts on “The Child Buying Guide

  1. Jeremy Beckett Reply

    Thanks for the report Michael. After running and calling around to all the K-Marts in Brisbane Northside (as well as Click & Collect) and getting nowhere I discovered that K-Mart is only putting one on the shelf at a time so if the Kmart web page is showing out of stock its worth asking someone to check the stock room because there might be more tucked away.This is what i was told at customer services at KMart Chermside this afternoon, having braved the storms twice.

    • Andrew Reply

      Sadly it seems the scalpers have completely taken over, if the stores have to resort to this kind of tactic to keep stock on the shelves for fans. Like most of the hard to get new releases, there are plenty on eBay :(.

    • Brett Reply

      I had a similar experience at Kmart as well. They call popular items a ‘silent sale’. Not on shelves but in stock rooms. If you go to the Customer Service counter they will check out back.

  2. Andrew Reply

    Just found one at my local K Mart, despite their website saying there was no stock at any in the area. If you’re in the same boat, might be worth timing your local store to check.

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