Reminder: 123 Sesame Street is released tonight

Just a friendly reminder that the latest LEGO Ideas set 21324 123 Sesame Street is released tonight!


The set should become available some time around midnight AEDT.

There’s been a lot of interest in this set so I am certain that it will sell out quickly.

You can get yours here when it becomes available. [affiliate link]

4 thoughts on “Reminder: 123 Sesame Street is released tonight

  1. Strange Reply

    Snouffolofocus…Snofoolocust… Snooofoollulu… SnooSnoo missing; that earless elephant thingy something.

    • Ben Reply

      The 2 technic pin holes on hooper’s store tell me he’s coming soon. We’ll, I hope we get snuffy and the count …

  2. Brick Chap Reply

    Mr Snuffleapucus or whatever his name is is technically non existent as he only appears when Big Bird is alone. Sadly the character was removed as the producers feared that children would see adults not believing Big Bird and therefore not report abuse thinking no one would believe them. A typical adult do-gooder response, children dont think like that!

    While Id love to see a Count minfig (guess we’d better have Grover although I always found him irritating) and Mr Hooper, Im not sure if the pin holes necessary mean an extension to this set.

    What else could they add? After all, the sequel set would need to be able to be bought as both a stand alone set and add-on. A completion to Hooper’s store and the missing minfigs wouldnt make a complete set. I would like to see the Count’s organ though. I also vaguely remember the Martians seeing a radio for the first time, would be pretty cool to have an old wireless in Lego. I love the old telly build in this.

    In saying that I havent watched the show for a very very long time so perhaps there are some more key locations they could add.

    They wouldnt do this but I sure wouldnt mind a pyramid with the tapdancing statute.

    Bert! Bert! Oh Bert! What is it Ernie, wha what what what?! The ssst ssst ssst tate it touched me Bert!

    • Michael Post authorReply

      You actually got your Sesame Street lore a little wrong. Snuffy is real and still regularly on the show. The gimmick was that only Big Bird saw him so the adults all assumed he was making it up. There was then an episode where the adults all met Snuffy. He is still regularly in new episodes.

      The motivation for the change is as you said but they didn’t retire the character.

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