21318 Tree House now available from Kmart online

It look like the LEGO Ideas Tree House is now available for purchase from the Kmart website.


It had appeared a few days ago but was showing as out of stock. Now you can actually buy it!

The set will set you back $239.

Get yours here.

Thanks to Trevor for the tip.

9 thoughts on “21318 Tree House now available from Kmart online

    • Michael Post authorReply

      It seems to depend on your location. Sorry if it’s not available for you.

    • Andrew Reply

      I’ve just had the same experience with K Mart with The Child. Showing no stock either online or at my local store, yet when I went in they had it on the shelf. Might be worth a call to your local to ask.

  1. Matt Reply

    I Ordered in days ago and they cancelled within 8 hours days ago, common theme with Kmart these days, waste of time

    • Matt Reply

      Should have read that, Kmart cancelled order 8 hours after I placed it, happens all the time with them

  2. Marcus Bandholz Reply

    Put an order in for delivery to Brisbane. It got cancelled overnight.

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