The re-release Saturn V is available for backorder

The re-release of the Saturn V was meant to go live on November 1st but stock has been delayed here in Australia.


Rather than making you wait for stock to arrive LEGO has now opened up backorders on the set. You can order it now and it will ship when stock arrives (likely next week).

You can get yours here. [affiliate link]

3 thoughts on “The re-release Saturn V is available for backorder

  1. Andrew Reply

    Was just watching a YouTube in which it was revealed there is one piece change in the re-release ????. Get this if you don’t already have it, it’s a great build and definitely one of the keenest priced of all recent sets.

    • Andrew Reply

      Hmmm, formatting funny there. The question marks should be a winking emoji ;). Apologies

  2. sterow Reply

    This is interesting – the piece change is on the lander, apparently to increase the clutch between the fez piece used as rocket and the lander body:

    I checked my (original) model and it’s true, there is a mild design flaw in that if you lift the lander off the moon surface, it does tend to leave the rocket behind, because it has stronger clutch onto the surface. I am going to try making this switch from spare parts to see what difference it makes.

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