Click Frenzy means slightly cheaper pants!

If you had told me 12 months ago how often I would be posting about pants I’d have called you insane and yet here we are.

As part of Click Frenzy Levi’s are offering 30% off most of their range. That also happens to include the LEGO Group X Levis products. Well, the ones that are still available that is.


There are the Jeans, two different sweatshirt options, a t-shirt and the denim jacket. It looks like the accessories are out of stock. I probably would have got a beanie for 30% off.

If you are interested in getting some slightly cheaper but still expensive LEGO clothing then you can find them all here.

One Response to Click Frenzy means slightly cheaper pants!

  1. Louise says:

    “Slightly cheaper but still expensive”!! Bahahahaha!! Love it!

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