VIP Weekend is here!

LEGO’s special weekend event for VIPs is now live. There are three different offers to take advantage of…


FREE Charles Dickens Tribute

With purchases over $209 (Check out my review here)

FREE buildable VIP brick

With purchases over $279.*


Get double VIP points on all purchases, all weekend.*

These VIP offers end on Sunday or while stocks last.

What exactly can you buy? Yes a lot of stuff is out of stock but there are a few things worth getting. This link gives you a good look at the exclusives.

You can check out the VIP weekend details for yourself here [affiliate link].

Just as an FYI I don’t know what the Black Friday offers will be and can’t tell you if they’ll be better or worse.

7 thoughts on “VIP Weekend is here!

  1. Tom Reply

    Picked up the Barracuda, used $30 in VIP discounts, got the points back and got around 430 free pieces. Not crazy overall discount but all up it felt decent.

    • Nigel Reply

      Apologies for bringing this up here but can’t figure how to redeem VIP points. How the heck do you sign into rewards centre? I have signed up long ago but can’t access the actual VIP site.

      • Andrew Reply

        It is much better now than when the system was originally overhauled, but perhaps it’s not working for you. Sign in is integrated with the online store – there’s a link at the top of the screen (a minifigure head on the phone) that takes you to the sign in page. Once signed in it shows you your balance, and if you click on that, you see the VIP welcome screen.

        If that’s not what your looks like, try all the usual browser fixes or use an In Private window and access the store from there.

        Otherwise you may need customer service to fix it for you. Good luck.

  2. squidy74squidy74 Reply

    I have a problem, set an alarm to wake me at 11:45pm just to be able to order as soon as it went live, need Lego therapy lol Don’t often order directly from Lego and when I do it’s something I can’t get else where and will wait months for a promo like this. This time of year it’s usually the Christmas set, which is out of stock like pretty much everything else that’s come out recently. If they are having actual Black Friday sale or another promo with a good Christmas GWP in early December like they did last year, they better get some stock in (talking about you 501st Legion, getting in stock just before the promo and now being out again!). Back to sleep now, need to rest up for next weeks sales lol!

  3. Andrew Reply

    Sadly both the sets I really wanted were unavailable, but picked up the NES anyway as a consolation and early Christmas present. Love the Dickens set. Hope they do restock the Elf Clubhouse before Christmas.

    There are rumours of another Christmas GWP – 40416 Ice Rink. In previous years when there’s been more than one, the second releases after Black Friday has died down in early December.

  4. Eric Reply

    The whole lego online vs physical store difference is such a pain in the butt. No VIP weekend in stores, yet the stores actually have everything in stock and online has nada. I popped in to the Broadway store in Sydney this morning – Mos Eisley, Ekto 1, Bat wing, Elf Clubhouse etc etc, all in stock, and quite a few of each. Wish the online store would get its act together.

    • Andrew Reply

      Unfortunately the physical stores are Certified rather than company owned, meaning they are owned by a third party (in our case, Alceon). They have their own VIP system but this is separate from the Lego one, even though I believe it works the same way.

      And yeah, you are spot on. This is a pain. Or at least it would be if there was a store, you know, in the nation’s capital *rolls eyes* ;).

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