LEGO’s Black Friday Starts Tonight

At 11:59:59 PM AEDT tonight LEGO’s Black Friday offers should go live. Here’s your round-up of everything on offer.

Free Charles Dickens Tribute


Spend over $209 and you’ll get the awesome Charles Dickens Tribute set.

VIP Only Free Chariot


LEGO VIPs will get a free Chariot set when they purchase the Colosseum. Which brings us to…

Colosseum Release


The biggest LEGO set ever is officially released this black Friday. Update: The Colosseum is now available.

Sets on sale

There will also be a number of sets for 20% off. I don’t know which ones yet but I’m excited to find out. Update: I shouldn’t have been too excited. It’s a bit of random mix. You can find the sale sets here.

You can find all the details of the Black Friday offers here.

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9 thoughts on “LEGO’s Black Friday Starts Tonight

    • Magmafrost13 Reply

      Oof, not gonna be easy to hit $209 if *that’s* the selection we’re getting

  1. Andrew Reply

    Extremely underwhelming compared to last year. Last weekend was definitely the time to buy. Sadly there aren’t even restocks of sets like the Crocodile and Elf Clubhouse.

    One interesting offer, seemingly for today only, is you can redeem a $7.50 coupon for half the usual number of points. Might be worth doing, depending on how long the coupon is valid for.

    • Ryan Reply

      Personally I’ve never shopped below $150 and pay for shipping as is almost always RRP. Only buy from when there is double/triple points, GWP, and always above $150 total with free delivery. So for me I almost always save up to a sizeable VIP points and redeem it for $150 off. I’d rather go to other retailers if I was planning to buy smaller sets, 20-30% off RRP, free delivery threshold .

  2. Tom Reply

    I’ve seen this promotion for other stores but can’t seem to find it on the Australian one. They have a contest for 1 million VIP points. It’s definitely available in the US and UK, are we excluded from it?

  3. Andrew Reply

    Seems the Dickens GWP has sold out, not added to cart with qualifying purchase any more.

    The Sydney stores had the Skating Rink GWP today for a $200 spend, I assume that will come to soon.

  4. Andrew Reply

    In case anyone’s still checking Lego’s sale, today (Monday 30 November), VIPs can redeem a $30 voucher for 1,350 points (half the usual cost). The voucher is valid for the usual 30 days so if you’re planning to buy anything before Christmas, this is a good way of saving a little.

    The catch appears to be you can only do this once per VIP membership.

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