40416 Ice Skating Rink Review – December’s GWP

I don’t want to alarm you but it’s actually December. What a year.

If, somehow, you still have some money left after all the recent sales then you may want to check out this latest GWP offer. You can get a free Ice Skating Rink set with any purchase over $209.


LEGO was kind enough to send me this one ahead of time so here are my thoughts…

With international travel off the table this year the only chance we have for enjoying a white Christmas is to live vicariously through the lives of LEGO minifigures. It has been over 30 degrees here for days and I am pretty jealous of these two minifigures. You get a man and woman and I’m a romantic so I’m going to go ahead and assume that this is a scene from a cheesy Christmas rom-com.



There are some GWP sets that feel like an afterthought and then there are others that are actually something you’d willingly spend your own money on. This set is definitely one of those ones that is worthy of standing on it’s own.


As the set features a mechanical element, you have to build up the base a fair bit before you start adding the finer details. While this was the result of necessity it actually makes the overall build feel more substantial.

Once that base is built, with its integrated gears, you move on to the surface with the frozen ice rink and fountain. I’m not sure about having a fountain in the middle of the ice rink but neither minifigure has run in to it yet so I guess it’s ok.


Some greenery is provided in the form of two snow covered pine trees. Both use the same technique and while they are simple I really like them. They look like what they are meant to look like.



There is also a drink stall that I’m going to assume is selling really good hot chocolate. There’s no minifigure to run the drink stall though. Perhaps one of the two minifigures actually runs the drink stall and is falling for the person who comes to skate every day? I am still working out the specific of this rom-com as I go, ok?


What makes this set magical is that it’s not just a static moc. Turn the gear at the bottom and the two minifigures will twirl around on the ice like figure skaters. The mechanism isn’t super smooth, as the gears are a bit clunky but the charm of it outweighs any little niggles like that.

I thought the Charles Dickens set was going to be my favourite Christmas set this year but now I’m torn. This really is adorable.


1 thought on “40416 Ice Skating Rink Review – December’s GWP

  1. Andrew Reply

    Would love this, but there’s nothing on my wish list in stock :(. Does anyone know if the Elf Clubhouse at least is going to be restocked before Christmas?

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