Cyber Monday Deal: Get a $30 VIP Voucher for half the normal points

UPDATE: Sorry everybody – this offer is somehow sold out. It seems that LEGO has been caught up in the great binary shortage of 2020. So stupid.

The LEGO VIP Rewards Centre is currently offering a pretty great deal for anybody with some VIP points to us.

For today only you can get a $30 voucher for just 1350 points. This is half the normal cost of the voucher. This is a great way to save a bit on your next order.

The voucher has a 30 day expiry so you could potentially get the voucher today and spend it tomorrow when a great new GWP set gets released.

You can find this voucher offer in the VIP Rewards Centre. [affiliate link]

Thanks to Andrew for the details.

9 thoughts on “Cyber Monday Deal: Get a $30 VIP Voucher for half the normal points

    • Andrew Reply

      You can redeem as many voucher codes as you wish one a single order from, you just add them when prompted one at a time. Seems to work OK for me.

  1. Dave Reply

    How on earth can you sell out of digital vouchers! The online store is just becoming a troll factory!

    • Rose Reply

      Exactly! I missed out on the Charles Dickens set because they were sold out of everything I wanted and anything I might have considered, and now they’re “sold out” of VOUCHERS??? What an absolute joke. This is why I don’t even bother usually any more, but with everybody talking about Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I did think of checking on what LEGO was offering. Wish I hadn’t bothered wasting my time.

      • Andrew Reply

        Unfortunately “Sold” and “Out” are the two most commonly used words on the Lego site these days. Presumably they had a limit on the number of vouchers that could be issued.

  2. Farquhar Reply

    Missed out on the Dickens set, but I managed to pick a $30 voucher at around 10.45am Melboune time.

  3. CS Reply

    I would like to know how one year we get the new release Disney train for an unexpected 30% off and this year it is 10 and 20% off the crap LEGO cannot sell anyway! I am a bit over their greed at this point; kind of kills the enjoyment.

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