Elf Club House back in stock

UPDATE: Already sold out in the 5 minutes it took me to post. Sorry!

It’s a Christmas miracle! The Elf Club House is currently back in stock.


I know a lot of people have been hoping it would show up again before Christmas and this is probably your last chance.

You can get yours here. [affiliate link]

You’ll also get the Ice Skating Rink GWP, which I have reviewed here.

Want to know if the Elf Club House is worth getting? I’ve also reviewed that.

7 thoughts on “Elf Club House back in stock

  1. Andrew Reply

    Aaaaaaaaaarrrrgggghhhh. Beaten by the bots .. again 🙁

    It would be really good if Lego had a back-order system.

    • Mark Reply

      Epic fail when you consider the gift really does go with this theme and has done so for many many years. They should of kept stock aside or bundled them.

      Should be able to order at least on a back order, that would hopefully go some way to stopping resellers and organised bot based resellers.

  2. squidy74squidy74 Reply

    I don’t know when it was back in stock, must have blinked I guess, been checking since getting up at 3am this morning every 45mins at most and still missed it. Why aren’t they doing back orders? And why is the VIP gift that’s supposed to be for orders over $69 not adding to basket on a $69.99 set? Why do Lego have a shop at home site while we’re at it when nothing is in stock!! I’ve got 13 things on my wish list and only three in stock, the Colosseum, Grand Piano and Minions Lair – only double VIP points and something better then that little chariot would get me spending $750 full price for a set lol!

  3. Andrew Reply

    Plenty on eBay if you’re willing to part with $400 …

    Lego publicly states it discourages non-authorised resellers but in practice does little to stop them.

  4. Brett Reply

    Another fail by Lego. Being a Christmas set you think they would have plenty in stock. Ever since they got an Australian warehouse, supply has been rubbish. Why can’t buy from other regions? They don’t seem to have the supply issues we do.

  5. Andrew Reply

    Just in case anyone is still monitoring this thread. Elf Clubhouse back in stock at lego.com as of 8am Monday 7/12. FWIW, the new Highpoint store is currently out of stock, but is expecting some in either Tuesday or Thursday this week.

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