6 thoughts on “Highpoint LEGO Store now open

  1. Andrew Reply

    Oooo .. I can see Sesame Street. Sadly denied to those of us who live in the backwaters of our great country (or the national capital) *shrugs*. Does anyone know if they have Elf Clubhouse? It’d only be a 17 hour roundtrip to get it ;).

  2. Dave Reply

    I can see lots of stock of the Elf Clubhouse. But Melbourne, I’ve got to say you’ve probably earned it.

  3. Andrew Reply

    Neither Highpoint nor Doncaster has Elf Clubhouse, but they are expecting a major shipment next Tuesday and hope to get some then. Hopefully Lego online does too.

  4. Rod Reply

    I dropped by just before 9am, saw the queue and then a sign inviting customers to make a reservation. Turned around and went to the bookshop instead!

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