South Australia’s first LEGO Store opens Saturday

Great news for South Australian LEGO fans (or should I say LAYGO fans?) – the Marion LEGO Certified store officially opens this Saturday December 12th. Perfect for those of you looking to get some exclusives and PAB cups for Christmas.


Who is going along? If you do, let me know what you think of the store.

3 thoughts on “South Australia’s first LEGO Store opens Saturday

  1. Tim Reply

    Heading along to hopefully get an Elf Club House (and if possible an ice skating rink too). With any luck they have put stock aside for the store or it will be a waste of a 1 hour each way drive for me.

    • Tim Reply

      Elf Clubhouse was down to 1 within 30 minutes of opening and sold out not long after so I missed out and didn’t bother buying anything after that. First impression is they are as useful as the online Lego store when it comes to sets.
      For reference I was 32 in line according to the sign-in they had and got in at 1030. I got there 50 minutes before opening at 0810.
      Will go back in the new year when there aren’t so many people waiting so I can look at the pick-a-brick wall and the shop itself. I am not one to browse when it means kids with families will be waiting to get in.

  2. Chill Reply

    Happy opening day Adelaide! May it be stocked with the stuff we’ve all found near impossible to get.

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