Crazy Monkie Kid prices at Target

Monkie Kid was a theme that when it was released had no regular retail release planned. Now, it’s almost 2021 and the sets are hitting the stores now. But from what I’ve heard there is A LOT of them and Target are already offering deep discounts.

There is up to 50% off some of these sets so I suggest you check out the range. Obviously stores are closed today but these online prices should be in-store too when you can get in there.

The online range can be found here.

Thanks to everybody who emailed me about this

12 thoughts on “Crazy Monkie Kid prices at Target

  1. Magmafrost13 Reply

    “there is A LOT of them”
    Wow you… were not kidding. Shelves and shelves of them. More than twice as much as all the rest of the Lego in there. Shame they dont have the big monkey mech, the pig truck, or the brickhead. Still, never gonna beat 50% off.

    For those in Melbourne, the Chadstone store doesnt seem to have them discounted, or at least they’re not labelled as discounted. Other targets I looked in do have them discounted, though.

    • Adam Reply

      Chadstone does have them discounted (at least at the same price as online), it’s just not particularly well advertised.

      Bit of an ugly sight this morning: went in at 6am to see if Chadstone had any stock of the ship, which they did. 60 seconds later, they didn’t. Pretty obvious that the folks who grabbed ’em en masse had no intention of holding on to them too. Bloody scalpers.

  2. Rod Reply

    Went to Knox Target, full of anticipation. No stock at all of Monkey Kid, and nothing much of anything else. Should have known. This Target has always been a bit crummy when it comes to LEGO.

    • Adam Reply

      It’s only a handful of targets in the melbourne area which are getting stock, according to the website: Chadstone, Fountain Gate, Northland and a couple others that I can’t remember right now.

  3. Michael Reply

    Northland had them in today but the amount of scalpers buying multiples of the monkey kid boat. The guy infront of me bought about ten of it. He couldn’t get them all in the trolley he had to leave some and return to get them. I got one so I was happy.

    • Rod Reply

      I know that some people in the LEGO community have no problem with the type of behaviour you describe, but I just find it non-virtuous: selfish and greedy.

      • Michael Reply

        I think its awful, If he had bought up all the stock before I got one I would have been livid. I had a sick feeling in my stomach watching him load up his trolley. I was surprised that there wasn’t a buying limit but Target just want to sell stuff so can’t really be mad at them.

      • Tim Reply

        To my knowledge there have been no supply issues on these sets so if people really wanted it they could have it by now.
        When this happens on new sets I have an issue. I am someone who has bought old sets on Bricklink and e-bay and without people buying up like this I wouldn’t have been able to.

  4. Andrew Reply

    The only step I can take re the scalpers is to not to buy from anyone other than an authorised reseller. It’s a tiny, and ultimately pointless, gesture as it often means I miss out. It does make me feel better though

  5. Julian Reply

    I’m sad I missed out on the HQ Boat. Was really excited to see this blog post but then couldn’t buy online. Hopefully they get more stock or at least have another decent discount once the scalpers have finished their stockpiling.

  6. Matt Reply

    It’s not just scalpers, this is where most BrickLink stores get stock too, simple economics…

  7. Scott Reply

    Nearly two weeks after placing my order from Target online, I get a second refund notice that they don’t have stock on some of the smaller monkie kid sets (already got a notice for the bull mech almost immediately…) Not impressed that they took this long instead of filling the order closer to when it was made, especially since I (like most) had no chance to go into a physical store.

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