Bonsai and Flower Bouquet are $89.99 each, available Jan 1

LEGO has today officially revealed details of the Botanical collection. We’ve already seen pics of these but we now know that both sets have an Australian RRP of $89.99 and will be released January 1st. Check the links below for more details of each set.

10281 Bonsai Tree


10280 Flower Bouquet

Which of these two are you most excited for, or are you planning to get both?

6 thoughts on “Bonsai and Flower Bouquet are $89.99 each, available Jan 1

  1. Brick Chap Reply

    For $90 the bouquet is better value but sorry $90! Why does Lego go for such stupid prices, I can buy multiple real bouquets for that price!

  2. Chill Reply

    I like the look of the Bonsai, it’ll make a great display piece (finally a plant that won’t die). Like others have said, the $90 price tag for either set is a bit steep, especially considering they’re $50USD which is roughly $65AUD. I’ve never understood why we get slogged with higher prices here.

  3. Scott Reply

    I wonder if it is worth waiting until later in the year to see if other retailers stock them at a better price?
    That is assuming that legoshop has more than half a.dozen to sell tonight. I expect the police station to be like Sesame Street and the Christmas sets, gone in the blink of an eye.

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