First look at the LEGO Ideas Blacksmith

Amazon UK has given us our first look at the upcoming LEGO Ideas Blacksmith set.


There are no other details just this one image. But it’s clear that the finished model is going to be a bit different to the original submission.


Let me know what you think.

11 thoughts on “First look at the LEGO Ideas Blacksmith

  1. Chill Reply

    While starkly different to the original submission, I think this one is still very worthy. It’s definitely a step up from the Castle lines that we’ve previously had. I’m hoping it’ll come with some minifigs with detailed prints and maybe a goat (we can only hope) like the original.

  2. Lyn Reply

    I really like the original and if I hadn’t seen that I wouldn’t have thought twice about the proposed set. Will buy it though. Goat would be a good addition ????

  3. Monty Reply

    I really like that they scaled it down. Ideas are fast becoming sets that I tend to purchase, but of late, many of them have been in the higher end of the price bracket – still waiting for a decent sale on the Barracuda and Piano!
    So this is a nice break from those sort of sets and makes these great ideas sets more accessible to many people.
    Do I really like the original, yes I do, but after so many expensive sets, I think the final set is an incredible compromise; it maintains the feel and concept of the original and it also looks great.

    • Taylor Reply

      You have my sympathy on Barracuda Bay, I managed to get a good deal because I work at a department store and got an employee-only discount offer, but I was looking for months before that.
      Blacksmith looks pretty fine, and definitely affordable. Probably going to pick it up as long as the figures and interior don’t disappoint.

  4. Ben Reply

    Yeah. Looks good. I prefer the set to be smaller because I can buy 2 and scale up if needed.

  5. Dave Reply

    The amount of texture applied to the actual set is incredible, and seems more diverse than that used on the old fishing store!

  6. Tim Reply

    I will likely get a couple and put in storage in the hope some castle or castle like sets come out in the next few years. By itself the blacksmith is not all that useful.
    I started collecting Lego when the Ecto-1 came out and have wanted castle sets since then. Too expensive on the secondary market and too hard for a novice via Bricklink or the like. No cheap or current minifigs doesn’t help either.

  7. Charlotte Reply

    I really like the design of the set that’s being released. I voted for the original set and although the releasing set is a scaled-down version, I’m ok with that, it will hopefully be a good price. I really hope for a goat too! I like the design of the stairs and the way the roof line extends over those stairs, it’s a nice design feature. That tree looks cool too.

  8. Brick Chap Reply

    Any ideas when this will be released? (worldwide but obviously Australia). I really like how the new one looks, I wonder how much it will cost in $AU. It looks quite small so hopefully its under $100.

    Here’s hoping we get more Castle sets and historic themes in general!

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