Release Schedule for 1HY 2021

I have a bit of a New Year’s Day tradition – I spend the whole day regularly refreshing the page for the Australian catalogue to see if the new one is up yet. As usual one random refresh provided me with the goods – the Australian catalogue for the first half of 2021.


I have included a table of all of the releases that are featured in the catalogue below so scroll straight down to that if it’s the bit you are after.

Interestingly this year LEGO release seems to be splitting up the releases, with sets in the same theme split across multiple months.

There are also a few teases in the catalogue worth mentioning…


Vidiyo is coming in March

I don’t know what this is and the QR code doesn’t work


More Minions coming!

New Minion sets will be hitting stores in May


New Star Wars in March and May

Hopefully we get some great new Mandalorian sets.


New Monkie Kid sets in March


Batman is back in May


Another new CMF series coming in May


Now, on to the schedule…

Set #
Duplo10941Mickey & Minnie Birthday TrainJanuary
Duplo10949Farm Animal CareMarch
Duplo10950Farm Tractor & Animal CareMarch
Duplo10951Horse Stable and Pony CareMarch
Duplo10952Barn, Tractor & Farm Animal CareMarch
Duplo10955Animal TrainJanuary
Duplo10957Fire Helicopter & Police CarJanuary
Classic11012Creative White BricksMarch
Classic11013Creative Transparent BricksMarch
Classic11014Bricks and WheelsMarch
Minecraft21164The Coral ReefJanuary
Minecraft21168The Warped ForestMarch
Minecraft21169The First AdventureMarch
Minecraft21170The Pig HouseJanuary
Creator31111Cyber DroneFebruary
Creator31112Wild LionFebruary
Creator31113Race Car TransporterFebruary
Creator31114Super Motor BikeFebruary
Creator31115Space Mining MechMarch
Creator31116Safari Wildlife Tree HouseMarch
Creator31118Surfer Beach HouseFebruary
Friends41439Cat Grooming CarJanuary
Friends41440Heartlake City BakeryMarch
Friends41442Vet Clinic Rescue BuggyMarch
Friends41443Olivia's Electric CarJanuary
Friends41444Heartlake City Organic CafeJanuary
Friends41445Vet Clinic AmbulanceMarch
Friends41446Heartlake City Vet ClinicMarch
Friends41448Heartlake City Movie TheatreJanuary
Friends41449Andrea's Family HouseJanuary
Friends41450Heartlake City Shopping MallMarch
Friends41662Olivia's Flamingo CubeJanuary
Friends41663Emma's Dalmatian CubeJanuary
Friends41664Mia's Pug CubeJanuary
Friends41665Stephanie's Cat CubeJanuary
Friends41666Andrea's Bunny CubeJanuary
Friends41691Doggy Day CareJanuary
Friends41692Vet Clinic Rescue HelicopterJanuary
Dots41909Mermaid Vibes BraceletsJanuary
Dots41910Ice Cream Besties BraceletsJanuary
Dots41918Adventure BraceletsJanuary
Dots41921Extra Dots - Series 3January
Dots41922Cool Cactus BraceletMarch
Dots41924Secret HolderJanuary
Dots41925Secret BoxesJanuary
Dots41926Creative Party KitJanuary
Dots41927Bag Tag DogMarch
Dots41928Bag Tag NarwhalMarch
Dots41929Bag Tag LeopardMarch
Dots41930Bag Tag PandaMarch
Dots41931Extra DOTS - Series 4March
Dots41933Music BraceletMarch
Dots41934Starlight BraceletsJanuary
Technic42116Skid Steer LoaderFebruary
Technic42117Race PlaneFebruary
Technic42118Monster Jam Grave DiggerFebruary
Technic42119Monster Jam Max DFebruary
Technic42120Rescue HovercraftMarch
Technic42121Heavy Duty ExcavatorMarch
Technic42122Jeep WranglerFebruary
Technic42123McLaren Senna GTRFebruary
Technic42124Off-Road BuggyFebruary
Technic42125Ferrari 488 GTE 'AF Corse #51'February
Disney43186Bruni the Salamander Buildable CharacterFebruary
Disney43189Elsa and the Nokk Storybook AdventuresFebruary
Disney43191Ariel's Celebration BoatFebruary
Disney43192Cinderella's Royal CarriageFebruary
City60275Police HelicopterJanuary
City60276Police Prisoner TransportJanuary
City60277Police Patrol BoatJanuary
City60280Fire Ladder TruckJanuary
City60281Fire Rescue HelicopterJanuary
City60282Fire Command UnitJanuary
City60283Holiday Camper VanJanuary
City60288Race Buggy TransporterJanuary
City60289Airshow Jet TransporterJanuary
City60290Skate ParkJanuary
City60291Family HouseJanuary
City60292Town CentreJanuary
City60304Road PlatesJanuary
City60304Road PlatesJanuary
City60306Shopping StreetJanuary
Collectable Minifigures71029LEGO Minifigures - Series 21 {Random bag}January
Super Mario71380Master Your AdventureJanuary
Super Mario71381Chain Chomp Jungle EncounterJanuary
Super Mario71382Piranha Plant Puzzling ChallengeJanuary
Super Mario71383Wiggler's Poison SwampJanuary
Super Mario71384Penguin Mario Power-Up PackJanuary
Super Mario71385Tanooki Mario Power-Up PackJanuary
Super Mario71386Character Pack Series 2 {Random bag}January
Ninjago71730Epic Battle Set - Kai vs. SkulkinFebruary
Ninjago71731Epic Battle Set - Zane vs. NindroidFebruary
Ninjago71732Epic Battle Set - Jay vs. SerpentineFebruary
Ninjago71733Epic Battle Set - Cole vs. Ghost WarriorFebruary
Ninjago71735Tournament of ElementsFebruary
Ninjago71737X-1 Ninja ChargerFebruary
Ninjago71738Zane's Titan Mech BattleFebruary
Ninjago71740Jay's Electro MechFebruary
Ninjago71742Overlord DragonFebruary
Ninjago71745Lloyd's Jungle Chopper BikeMarch
Ninjago71746Jungle DragonMarch
Ninjago71747The Keepers' VillageMarch
Ninjago71748Catamaran Sea BattleMarch
Star Wars75295Millennium Falcon MicrofighterJanuary
Star Wars75299Trouble on TatooineJanuary
Star Wars75300Imperial TIE FighterJanuary
Star Wars75301Luke Skywalker's X-wing FighterJanuary
Marvel Super Heroes76168Captain America Mech ArmorJanuary
Marvel Super Heroes76169Thor Mech ArmorJanuary
Marvel Super Heroes76170Iron Man vs. ThanosMarch
Marvel Super Heroes76171Miles Morales Mech ArmorJanuary
Marvel Super Heroes76172Spider-Man and Sandman ShowdownJanuary
Marvel Super Heroes76173Spider-Man and Ghost Rider vs. CarnageJanuary
Marvel Super Heroes76174Spider-Man's Monster Truck vs. MysterioJanuary
Marvel Super Heroes76175Attack on the Spider LairMarch
Harry Potter76382Hogwarts Moment: Transfiguration ClassJanuary
Harry Potter76383Hogwarts Moment: Potions ClassJanuary
Harry Potter76384Hogwarts Moment: Herbology ClassJanuary
Harry Potter76385Hogwarts Moment: Charms ClassJanuary

If you’d like to view the catalogue for yourself you can find it here.

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  1. Jason says:

    Any news on 2021 Speed Champions?

  2. Chris Go says:

    so the rumoured Ninjago City Garden is not on the list??

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