Vintage Car GWP coming to LEGO Certified Stores

I know a lot of people missed out on the vintage car GWP from LEGO online so you might be interested to know that from tomorrow you’ll be able to get it from the AG LEGO Certified Stores (i.e. not Dreamworld or LLDC).


There’s a $199 minimum spend, but with so many new releases that should be easy to hit.

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  1. Ben says:

    I missed out on the gift with purchase (and getting the spring lantern festival set) due to a IT issue. I’m furious, and their support is completely unresponsive. No refund issued yet. If they can’t provide support, they should reconsider their release schedule.

  2. T says:

    Except there was nothing left at Chermside on Monday.

  3. Brick Chap says:

    Thanks for sharing this. Literally went to the Robina store a few days ago and they were a little….abrupt… in their explanation that they didnt have the Vintage Car and that it was only on which has nothing to do with them. I bought the Police Station and Flower Bouquet (do the math, a lot of bloody money and no GWP! Happens every time, I go to get a GWP and they either deny it exists or Ive missed out or a million other reasons. In fact I thought Id missed out on the Charles Dickens GWP but then I turn up on day to find it being sold for $36 so I bought it, apparently they had spares or what not. Funny that considering all the problems that happened when I was ringing up trying to see if they had it available. Im hoping this one wont be as popular with AFOLs so they will still have some.

    Question for you guys though, will this GWP offer end before Blacksmith shop is released? Im hoping I can buy the blacksmith and get this then instead of a ‘pointless’ shop just to get an old car (which I may have to do because I need this as old cars in Lego are SOOOO rare!)

  4. Ben says:

    GWP generally needs to be reconsidered, as availability has been a problem for a long time.

  5. debelius says:

    Many of the GWP sets end up being sold separately at the Bondi store. Picked up the Dickens set this way, have also seen the steam loco and monster book of monsters, probably a few I don’t remember as well

  6. Tim says:

    Thanks for this, missed out on S@H for the same reason as others mentioned. I was able to pick it up this morning at the Bondi Junction store. Wasn’t busy, plenty of them behind the counter as of 10:30am.

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