Some 2021 sets up on Amazon

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Just a quick heads up to let you know that a heap of 2021 sets have been added to Amazon Australia.

This link should give you all the latest ones sold by Amazon directly. [affiliate link].

As always with Amazon be aware that when a set sells out they’ll show third party sellers who may charge more than RRP. Best to stick with sets sold by Amazon.

Once some more retailers have stuff online I’ll try and do a price round-up.

6 Responses to Some 2021 sets up on Amazon

  1. Thanks Michael, Kmart have a bunch including already discounted Harry Potter.

  2. Colin Steward says:

    The harry Potter books will be $35 at Kmart, but I bought all 4 from amazon this morning for $37.70 each and they’ll be delivered by tomorrow. I much prefer that than trolling the stores looking for them.

  3. Chris Grigsby says:

    David Jones (Melb) have all of the new 2020 sets and are offering 20% off. They have heaps of the new City, HP, Botanicals.

    • Paul says:

      Thanks for the prompt. I found Spring Lantern Festival on the Myer website (RRP), but at least it appears to be in stock.

  4. scates says:

    Anyone know why all the retailers seem to only be selling two out of the four new star wars sets?

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