Ninjago City Gardens Available From 8PM AEDT, hopefully

I have received information from LEGO that the VIP launch of Ninjago City Gardens will be going live at 8PM AEDT tonight.


I would strongly suggest checking the page from 7:30PM AEDT tonight in case it goes live early.

You can find the product page here. [affiliate link]

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  1. Julian says: are hopeless with stock. I ordered one of the CNY sets a few minutes after it was launched and it’s on back order. This set also feels like a money grab. It’s the price of two modulars but doesn’t feel like it has enough value to be this price. Will most likely pass on it but mostly because I don’t have any of the other Ninjago modulars. Would love a rerelease of them though…

  2. Andrew says:

    Goes against the grain buying at RRP, but this is such a wonderful surprise and a great way to start the new Lego year. These days I think we just have to strike whilst the iron is hot (or in this case, in stock).

    Thanks for the heads up on this Michael, much appreciated.

  3. Eric says:

    An RRP purchase for me, too – a little too excited about this one.

    The pricing does seems a bit out of whack, though. Just saw that Canadians are paying $399 while we are paying $499, yet the exchange rate is pretty much 1:1 ????

  4. Tanyara says:

    Does anyone know if this set will be available at any of the other retailers in time? Or is this going to be a / Lego Store exclusive set..?

    • Andrew says:

      It’s listed on as an Exclusive, so may not be available elsewhere at least for a while. The original Ninjago City was exclusive to TRU, whilst I think the Docks was available more widely.

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