Help pick which classic LEGO theme will get a brand new set in 2022

Next year LEGO will turn 90 and to celebrate they are holding a fan vote on LEGO Ideas to create a new adult set in a classic theme. What does this mean exactly? Well we could be seeing an 18+ Fabuland set on shelves next year. Or maybe an 18+ classic space inspired set.


This has the potential to be amazing for AFOLs.

There are two rounds to the vote. In the first round you will be able to allocate 3 votes across 30 classic themes. The top three themes will then compete in round 2. From there a set inspired by the winning theme will be produced.

The list of themes are:

  • Trains
  • Town
  • Classic Space
  • Classic Castle
  • Lion Knights
  • Black Falcons
  • Model Team
  • Forestmen
  • Blacktron
  • Black Knights
  • Pirates
  • Imperials
  • Space Police
  • M-Tron
  • Wolfpack
  • Paradisa
  • Dragon Knights
  • Ice Planet
  • Aquazone
  • Spyrius
  • Exploriens
  • Time Cruisers
  • Divers
  • Adventurers
  • Xtreme Team
  • Rock Raiders
  • Studios
  • Bionicle
  • Arctic
  • Alpha Team

Here’s the official details from LEGO…

To celebrate the 90th Anniversary of LEGO, help us choose a classic theme to be reimagined as a single new product for the 2022 Lego Adult Portfolio. We have created a list of our 30 favorite classic LEGO themes for you to choose from.

Splitting this fan vote into two parts, you will have three votes in the first vote. You can vote a maximum of once for each theme in the first vote. This vote will be 100% transparent!

The second vote will be the top three themes from the first vote. One of the three themes will be the theme the 90th Anniversary Set will be based on. This vote will not be transparent, so it’s still a little bit of a secret.

How will this work?
We will run this fan vote of all 30 themes from today, the 17th of January 2021, to the 25th of January 2021. Then on February 3rd 2021, we will launch a second fan vote of the top three themes from this fan vote. One of these three themes will be what the 90th Anniversary Set will be based on, but we still want to know what the most popular of the final three is!

You can learn more and see the full list of themes on the LEGO Ideas blog.

11 thoughts on “Help pick which classic LEGO theme will get a brand new set in 2022

  1. Scott Reply

    While I am having trouble only picking three, surely Bionicle, with its legion of fans should be right up there… Then again castle, space and trains also have stupendously large fan bases too…

    • Taylor Reply

      Castle! Castle! Castle!
      No lie I would vote for Pirates but we got Barracuda Bay really recently and another big Classic Pirates set would feel redundant. So I’m hoping for either Castle or Classic Space.

  2. Dave Reply

    Trains / Model Team / Pirates
    Trains recent anniversary was ignored so would be nice to get some more trains.
    Model team for some nice big rig builds
    Pirates because of more ships.

  3. Kaitlyn Reply

    I know it has no chance of winning but I’m still going to vote for Paradisa

  4. Charlotte Reply

    Forestmen! Wolf Pack! Black Knights! I would have voted for pirates except for Barracuda Bay, it seems forever since we’ve had Castle! I’m ready! ????????

  5. The Roscoe Reply

    Trains – have not had a proper stream train since Emerald Night. Love to see a substantial adult oriented kit centred on the Union Pacific “Big Boy”

  6. Jonathan Wilson Reply

    I picked Ice Planet (favorite Space theme of the lot), better even than Classic Space), with “Outback (a sub theme of town)” and Trains. I want a train more like the Emerald Night or the BNSF than the last few AFOL trains we got (Crocodile and that orange thing).

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