LEGO Ideas Blacksmith officially unveiled

After an unintended reveal a few weeks ago, LEGO is officially ready to pull the covers of the LEGO Ideas Blacksmith.


The LEGO Ideas Blacksmith sees a return of castle with 2164 pieces and four minifigures – including two Black Falcon knights.


You’ll be able to pick this up for $249.99 here in Australia when it launches on February 1st.

Let me know what you think of this one.

Check out the official images and press release below.


1st February 2021: LEGO Ideas has taken a leaf out of the history books with the design of its latest set, a charming Medieval Blacksmith’s house. The new set is based on an original design by an avid LEGO builder, which achieved over 10,000 votes from LEGO fans worldwide – giving it the green light to go into production.

LEGO superfan Clemens Fiedler originally submitted the concept to LEGO Ideas; a LEGO initiative that takes new ideas that have been imagined and voted for by fans and turns them into reality. The LEGO Ideas® Medieval Blacksmith set harks back to a time when cottage industries and artisans were the cornerstone of society and was brought to life by LEGO designers Wes Talbott and Austin Carlson.

When thinking of medieval times, the focus is normally on the kings and queens, knights and ladies, their castles and the battles between good and evil, but this new medieval set has an unexpected twist showing the unsung hero of those epic battles and adventures – the humble Blacksmith.

True to the era, the LEGO® Ideas Medieval Blacksmith set includes bold period design features from the timber framed walls to the gothic lattice windows, providing much intrigue and interest to fans of medieval architecture.

The LEGO® Ideas Medieval Blacksmith set is positioned in enchanting grounds, featuring a well-stocked cottage-style garden complete with squash patch and a gnarly apple tree, while the brickwork is tinged with moss for added realism.

The inside is set over three separate floors which are fully furnished and equipped with everything a medieval blacksmith would need. Interior items include stocks of raw materials, coal to keep the furnace hot, and a bellows complete with lightbrick to make the coals glow. The roof and top two levels can be removed for easy viewing of the inside.

Further setting the scene, the LEGO Ideas® Medieval Blacksmith set is completed with the inclusion of four minifigures: a blacksmith, an archer and two Black Falcon Knights with four swords, three shields and a halberd. Several animals can be found in the grounds outside the house, including a horse to pull the knight’s supply cart, a pet dog and a small tree frog.

Clemens Fiedler commented: “I love building classical house designs and honouring all the great attention to detail you can recreate with LEGO elements – especially medieval architecture styles, colours and design. I hope fellow LEGO fans will enjoy traveling back in time; sense the heat, sounds and smells from the forge and anvil and soak up the atmosphere of this classical creative craft as they build the set.”

Samuel Thomas Liltorp Johnson, Design Manager at the LEGO Group commented: “Designing the LEGO® Ideas Medieval Blacksmith set has been an exciting journey, taking us back hundreds of years to celebrate one of the true heroes of the Middle Ages. Telling the story of the blacksmith caught our imagination, and the rest was history.

“We loved the idea of creating a small blacksmith’s house on the outskirts of the medieval world, where every knight goes for a set of shining armour. Without doubt, fans will be fascinated by the workings of the forge, the architectural details and the characters they find there when they build this set.”

The new LEGO® Ideas Medieval Blacksmith set is the latest example of how the LEGO Group aims to inspire builders of all ages to build, rebuild and get excited by the process of creation.

The LEGO Medieval Blacksmith Set is on sale on and in LEGO Retail stores from 1st February.

Age – 18+
Model measures:
Height: 27cm/10.5in.
Width: 27cm/10.5in.
Depth: 21cm/8in.
2,164 pieces
Magnificently detailed and architecturally accurate medieval blacksmith’s building and garden for display.
Includes a glowing blacksmith forge and a horse figure pulling a buildable cart Four minifigures, including two new-for-March-2021 Black Falcon Knights.
Easily accessible, three-level building with a bedroom, kitchen and workshop packed with accessory elements such as tools, coal and armor.
Price: 149.99 USD/ 199.99 CAD 146.99 EUR / 134.99 GBP /249.99 AUD

9 Responses to LEGO Ideas Blacksmith officially unveiled

  1. GJBricks says:

    Love the look of this, but I just can’t see $250 of value there.

    • Scott says:

      My thoughts exactly. I am not usually impressed with the pricing here on most Lego sets, but this seems absurdly expensive. I guess Lego knows that castle (like pirates and classic space) sets will sell no matter the price to those with nostalgia for the older themes?

      • Damien says:

        I guess if the old fishing store is something to go by, it had 2049 pieces and was also $249.99. The blacksmith shop has 2164 pieces making it have around 100 more pieces than the old fishing store while still being $249.99. That being said, it’s hard to understand how this model uses over 2100 pieces, (judging from pictures).

  2. Tarik says:

    Oof, you’re killing me LEGO! After starting the year with the Modular Police Station and Ninjago City Gardens, I may have to let my wallet recover a bit before I think about picking this up… still, it’s a beautiful set, love the minifigs!

  3. Brick Chap says:

    Why the hell is this $250?? I was really hoping it would be somewhere between $100-$150. Love the horse, hate those shoulder armour pieces.

    And thanks to Bricking Around for keeping discussion open! Over on Brickset they have stopped commenting, i.e censorship, again, because certain people didnt agree with other peoples opinions.

    I do think its not quite right having a female knight because there werent any. Thats not sexism its history. I dont mind the female archer though. The blacksmith is rather plain too.

  4. Bright says:

    Another really disappointed set……’s not only the price for this set $250 (ridiculous high).. but also compare to the original design from AFOL… the colour of the building looks bad… and never look outstanding at all…..

    Think about 10193 and 10223…. they looked much much better!!!

    What’s wrong for the Lego designers these few years? the city sets are getting worst to worst.. and now.. the creator ideas, creator modular are starting to get ugly too….

    • Mike says:

      Bright, I would say the opposite. I’m an AFOL and I love what the designer has done with it. Yes, it looks like a more tidy and colourful version of the original submission, but it still looks worthy of display to me. It’s charming and detailed, and we have to remember it’s Lego!

      Yes the Fishing Store looked more ramshackle and had more of a moc look to it, but I think this one will sit proudly next to it on my shelves.

      I do see a lot of extreme negative sentiment lately to sets that are redesigned for the mass market – I think Lego is doing a terrific job. Plus I get to bring out all my old Black Falcons :)

      • Bright says:

        Mike, don’t get me wrong – I am upset about the design (I don’t like the phases “more bricks = more details and realistic”) – this set doesn’t look not realistic in my mind at all.
        I am a guy who loves vintage sets in 80s to early 90s (Town/Castle/Space/Pirates). Sometimes you must be wondering, how could the vintage sets (in 80s and early 90s) that has less bricks, it looks realistic than the sets after 2015. (i.e. 6378 Shell petrol station, that you can see it in real life nowadays… we could see exactly similar Shell station on the street)
        Let’s not talking about the sets about 30 years to 40 years ago, all of their designers are retired.
        Another example I want to compare: Lego townhouse 8403 in 2010 (383 pieces) and Lego townhouse 60291 in 2021 (388 pieces). The new Lego townhouse looks really ugly and unrealistic – what’s wrong? how could they have 2 big screens in the music room? (no windows at all?!) There is a huge downgrade compare with the set 10 years ago.
        If this set could have used dark brown bricks instead of light brown bricks, it looks much better and much more realistic…(that’s why I am compare this set with 10193 and 10223), instead of those crazy vintage sets like 6080, 6067.

        Sometimes I am creating MOC for my Lego town nowadays, I am happy Lego creates some new parts in this 10-15 years so I could use it in my buildings, but I won’t build the “Mega buildings” like a lot of sets nowadays – unrealistic – lately I use about 150-200 bricks to build a 2 level, 16×6 size music workshop and looks like a real one.

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