Pricing and release date for the IKEA +LEGO BYGGLEK range

While most of the world got the BYGGLEK range late last year Australian’s were told that we’d have to wait until early 2021 before we could get them.

Well now we have an official release date and Australian pricing.

The range will be available from February 17th in IKEA stores around the country, and hopefully also online.


Here are the various prices:

  1. BYGGLEK 201-piece LEGO® brick set, mixed colours, $35
  2. BYGGLEK LEGO® box with lid 35x26x12 cm, $22
  3. BYGGLEK LEGO® box with lid, white 26x18x12 cm, $20
  4. BYGGLEK LEGO® box with lid, set of 3, white, $20

2 thoughts on “Pricing and release date for the IKEA +LEGO BYGGLEK range

  1. Gary Reply

    These may make awesome height/space fillers for mountains, buildings etc. Those that build multi-level cities will enjoy having a large compatible piece that can be used to elevate tracks and terrain.!!!!

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