Reminder: LEGO Ideas Blacksmith goes on sale tonight

It’s January 31st, New Years resolutions are in tatters and our bank accounts are finally starting to recover from Christmas. In just a few hours it will officially tick over to February and the LEGO Ideas Blacksmith will become available.


You’ll be able to pick this up here for $249.99. [affiliate link]

Who’s planning on picking this up?

3 thoughts on “Reminder: LEGO Ideas Blacksmith goes on sale tonight

  1. Belinda Reply

    Placed my order! You get the Year of the Ox and not advertised Chocolate Box and flower as gifts with purchase. 🙂

    • Tim Reply

      I’m surprised it’s still available. I would have expected both the boxes Lego got in to sell out by now. 😉
      When I added it to my cart I got both GWP added – Year of the Ox and Chocolate Box. Now I am trying to work out if it is worth buying at full price with 2 GWP or hope that it comes retail and I can get it about 20% off.

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