The 90th Anniversary Set “Top 3” vote will have 4 options

The LEGO Ideas team have tonight announced the top 3 themes from the first round of voting for the 90th Anniversary Set.

That top 3 is… Bionicle, Classic Space and Pirates.


However LEGO have admitted that they stuffed up by splitting the castle vote across so many sub-themes and to make things right they are adding Castle as a forth entry to the top 3 vote.

Which theme will take out the most votes? We’ll never know because this second round is secret with LEGO just picking the winner.

You can read more about the announcement, including round 1 numbers, on the LEGO Ideas blog.

7 thoughts on “The 90th Anniversary Set “Top 3” vote will have 4 options

  1. Jim Reply

    LEGO Ideas members can vote in the second round. There is a link to select one of the four themes and submit a reason why you selected this theme.

  2. TeufelHund Reply

    Went for Castle on the basis that I always wanted the yellow castle as a kid, but my parents never got it for me. Hoping for a re-release now!

  3. Andrew Reply

    A cynic might say that the decision on the set, and the theme, has already been made, and Lego needed to make sure that theme was included in the “Final 3”. That said, however, if the chosen set is a Classic Castle, no complaints from me *thumbsup*

  4. Kon Reply

    Don’t understand why we can’t get 4-6 smaller sets that pay homage to the top themes of lego? It’s 90th anniversary why do we get just 1 set? If I am not mistaken it is also 20th anniversary of Bionical so they could do a separate anniversary set just for that to keep those fans happy? I would actually love if they do an anniversary set line and bring out smaller sets more regularly.

  5. Andrew Reply

    Thinking about this some more, they kinda did a Classic Space revisit with Benny’s Spaceship and Pirates with last year’s Barracuda Bay. For me this points towards a big yellow castle and a remake of 375.

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