Trying on a LEGO Ninjago x Hype t-shirt

Back in November 2020 LEGO sent me an email asking if I would be interested in reviewing a range of LEGO clothing for adults. It sounded like an interesting new range and I excitedly agreed. I was not expecting the LEGO Ninjago x Hype collaboration. A theme I don’t really follow combined with a UK streetwear brand clearly not well suited to overweight guys from Brisbane in their 30s. This is going to be something.


I received a pack from Hype in the UK with some random goodies including a Ninjago set, a Ninjago plush wearing a hype shirt, a tote bag, storage container and last but certainly not least – a t-shirt. Considering this is a clothing collab I’m not going to go through the extra stuff in detail.

The shirt that I received is the LEGO Ninjago Just Hype Faces Adult T-shirt in black. This particular item is not listed on the Hype website but the white version is $51.

What do I think of it? The print is a bit much. Even though this is one of the less extreme prints I still think there is too much going on. I’m more of a plain t-shirt sort of person so your tastes may differ from mine obviously.


I am also not a huge fan of the sketched Ninjago Minifigure mask style. I do like the use of the Ninjago typography to spell out JUST HYPE.

Sizing seemed to be pretty normal. I wear a XXL in most t-shirts and the XXL from Hype was a reasonable fit. I expected a streetwear brand to run really small on their sizing but was pleasantly surprised. It’s always a good idea to check the size charts before buying.


In terms of actual quality shirt isn’t the most comfortable one I have ever worn. The material itself is a little bit scratchy. The print seems well done and not a cheap transfer that will disappear the first time you clean your shirt.

Overall I don’t think this shirt is worth the $51 asking price. If the shirts were $25 I’d probably say pick up some of them just for something different but not at over $50 for an average t-shirt.

Why do all of the LEGO clothing collabs have to be so expensive? Where’s the LEGO X ANKO clothing range?

The LEGO Ninjago x Hype range is not currently listed on the Australian site but you can buy it from the UK store.

I was sent a pack from Hype and LEGO for the purposes of reviewing the range. Opinions are my own.

4 thoughts on “Trying on a LEGO Ninjago x Hype t-shirt

  1. Christopher Grigsby Reply

    “This is going to be something”…you mean sexy! 🙂
    Kudos for giving it a go and sharing the pics (very helpful for those of us more overweight than you!). Cheers.

  2. Tanyara Reply

    I think you look great – thanks for the review! Would be cool to see a pic of the other goodies you received too, I am curious! 🙂

  3. Andrew Reply

    LOL!! Your Lego X Anko suggestion had me spluttering coffee over the keyboard. Too funny. Kudos for reviewing these for us, and like you I find $51 for a T-shirt overwhelming. I think my entire summer wardrobe cost less than that (=more money for bricks!).

  4. squidy74squidy74 Reply

    I love the Lego Anko collab idea, a range of housewares for adults – proper plates, bath mats ect – though not with minifig heads on just bricks or even just brick outlines. Got the minifig head pocket tote to keep in my bag, looked cute online, just really creepy in person lol!!

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