The latest LEGO Ideas review results – 34 rejected, 1 successful

The latest LEGO Ideas review results are in and it’s bad news for almost all of the fan creators.

This was a record breaking review results with 35 projects up for consideration. With so many potential sets I think a lot of people were expecting a couple of approved, but the end result was just one…

Vincent van Gogh: The Starry Night


A huge congratulations to Truman Cheng as his Vincent van Gogh: The Starry Night recreation has been selected as one of the next LEGO Ideas sets. Truman’s fan concept of one of the most famous paintings and painters illustrates a whole new way to think about LEGO art, which is truly remarkable.

34 projects rejected


Unfortunately there are 34 projects that didn’t make the cut. There are certainly some in that 34 that would have made a great set and some that I don’t think really had a chance.

Bonus surprise announcement… Sonic Green Hill Zone approved


This one was still under review from last round but LEGO have now officially approved this project. That’s right, Sonic will be back in LEGO form in the future.

What do you think of the overall results? You can read more about the review on the LEGO Ideas blog.

7 thoughts on “The latest LEGO Ideas review results – 34 rejected, 1 successful

  1. Andrew Reply

    Disappointing to only have one out of 35, but as they said in the announce video they already have seven projects in various stages of development. I’d buy both of these so from that perspective it’s a thumbs up from me.

  2. Rose Reply

    :'( Our family really loved some of these entries. Very discouraging for creators. Why bother when all the effort comes to this?

  3. Mark Reply

    Easy pass for me. I hope they rejected the clipper because they already have one in development and are going to bring the Pirates theme back!

  4. Will Reply

    Technically, you could say that 3 made the cut, since we’re already getting a Bonsai tree and Brickheadz dogs.

  5. Bart Reply

    While the van Gough is nice and I’m glad it got through, Terry pratchetts discworld I felt was the most unique and would have been a great build and display set.

  6. Dan Reply

    Ummm….. is it just me but have Lego approved one of the more unappealing sets on offer here? Not sure what the rationale is with this…….definitely not a play set and looks like it’d be pretty hard to display as well…..

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