Full Vidiyo product range revealed – Including Australian pricing

Were you intrigued by the LEGO Vidiyo announcement and wanted to know more about the weirdest new theme of 2021? Well LEGO have now revealed the actual products that will make up the theme and they are crazy. All of these products will be released on March 1st, hopefully in stores as well as online. You can check out the range for yourself here.

BeatBox range – $25.99 each

The BeatBox sets are the main part of the range. Each BeatBox set includes a minifigure, a stage and a selection of BeatBits (printed 2×2 tiles) used by the app. Everything packs up into the case for storage and display. The cases feature some interesting new parts.

Alien DJ BeatBox


Candy Mermaid BeatBox


HipHop Robot BeatBox


Party Llama BeatBox


Punk Pirate BeatBox


Unicorn DJ BeatBox


Bandmates – $5.99 each, 12 to collect


To further expand your Vidiyo collection there will be a series of additional “bandmate” minifigures. Each Bandmate comes with the minifigure and some extra BeatBits. The twelve in the line-up include

  • Red Panda Dancer
  • Cotton Candy Cheerleader
  • Shark Singer
  • Bunny Dancer
  • Discowboy Singer
  • Genie Dancer
  • Samurapper
  • DJ Cheetah
  • Ice Cream Saxophonist
  • Alien Keytarist
  • Banshee Singer
  • Werewolf Drummer

Unfortunately these Bandmates come in blind boxes rather than the bags used for CMFs. This is a pretty terrible development and hopefully isn’t a sign that the CMFs will be following this change.


8 thoughts on “Full Vidiyo product range revealed – Including Australian pricing

  1. Taylor Reply

    Love the sets, hate the prices. No way I’m paying $25 for those little pods.

  2. Troy Reply

    The prices on those pods aren’t great, but I guess they have a lot of printed tiles! I expect we’ll be seeing them around the $20 mark at Kmart, possibly cheaper at Target/Big W during sales. That’ll take the edge off.
    I don’t expect this line to last any longer than a few waves, but it’s certainly bringing some interesting and unique minifigures. At least there’s that.

  3. sterow Reply

    Those tiles are great to add customised “albums” to sets – eg mounted on the wall of the Diner modular (both non the diner and the music studio above). Those white tile / plate parts on the pod look useful too.

  4. Scott Reply

    Guess the crazy price is also due to the licensing of the universal music tracks that you’ll be “sampling” or creating videos to/for.
    It’s not a good look to get so very little for $26, it looks even worse value for money than the Mario sets.

    I doubt it will do well with those prices, but certainly could be fun for the younger ones once they go on sale/clearance.

    I hope the blind boxes are not a sign of what’s to come, cardboard is better environmentally but I’m sure there is still too many plastic bags inside the box and that it won’t be any real help to reduce scratching of printed elements.

  5. Bryan Boyle Reply

    The Bandmates might be available at Kmart. They are already on sale at mine for $5 each. No sign of the larger sets.

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