Bricking Around newsroom in crisis as Facebook bans us

Did you know that Bricking Around is created by a team of journalists, working around the clock to bring you the latest LEGO news? Me either, but Facebook has decided that the Bricking Around Facebook page had to go as part of their response to the Australian Government’s proposed Media Bargaining Code legislation.

Pictured: Not the Bricking Around newsroom. Just a random photo I found
Pictured: Not the Bricking Around newsroom. Just a random photo I found

I am hoping that this was just a over-enthusiastic move by a rapidly written algorithm and the page will be restored soon. But if not be assured that there are other ways that you can make sure you don’t miss any Bricking Around content.

You can subscribe to emails from Bricking Around in the sidebar or at the bottom of the page on mobile. Subscribers will receive an email every time a new post goes up. If the Facebook move becomes more permanent and long term I might look in to doing a more structured weekly newsletter, but for the time being this subscribe option is a great way to not miss anything.

The Twitter page is still up and posts automatically get posted there.

It appears that Bricking Around content can still be shared by other users at this stage. This means that if you see a post that you like you can still share that yourself. For example you could post this article on your personal feed. You could even tag your grandmother! You can also share posts in Facebook Groups that you are part of.

5 thoughts on “Bricking Around newsroom in crisis as Facebook bans us

  1. squidy74squidy74 Reply

    The thing about this that makes me really mad is that the same basic legislation was passed in Germany, France and Spain with both Google and Facebook backing down and working with local media. They did this without putting any bans in place,

    The cynic in me thinks that part of the reason they went through with the ban is because of pressure from China as both Google and Facebook are deep into working the the CPC to make products for the Chinese market and this is just another way China can up the pressure on us. The other cynical part of me thinks it’s just Facebook testing the line and not considering the Australian market big enough to bother with.

    Either way banning emergency services pages, especially in mid February when we are having high temps (am in Vic), was a big mistake on their part and will loose them a lot of potential support they may have had. Personally don’t use my Facebook account, mum posts lots of Lego related stuff to it then usually shows me when she’s logged in on her own computer lol. Banning fan media sites is also a step to far and I’m sure has a lot wider impact then just Lego sites.

    Here’s hoping they get their collective poop together and your page is up and running properly very soon, along with everyone else that has been affected. I shared this article on my page, first thing I’ve put up in a long time and it seemed to work. I only have 15 friends on there, almost all related to me, so not sure what reach it will have, but least it worked!!

    Keep up the good work Michael, hope if sorts its self our and doesn’t cause you too much stress.


  2. Brick Chap Reply

    More proof that Facebook is just another evil corporation which needs to be far more strictly controlled. I was also very concerned about NewsCorp but that doesnt mean Facebook and Google should be let off the hook. Its a darn shame we cant just arrest these swines, a few weeks in gaol for that perverted sociopath who needs to buy more shirts (Zuckerburg) would soon change his tune…

    As pointed out above, removing emergency services pages, the BOM and other essential media was vastly immoral and really ought to be illegal. I wouldnt call it heavy-handed as facebook should have just accepted the deal and dealt with it. Also proves Zuckerburg is just another computer nerd coward who instead of facing up to the Murdoch media simply attacked innocent Australian citizens. Not sure how preventing rural areas from getting fire warnings was going to help their legal case??

    Personally Ive never used the Bricking Around facebook page, I dont think I even knew there was one. At least we can still read your great articles on here!

  3. berrrrrrr Reply

    Probably best to blame the incredibly bizarre legislation that for some reason singles out Facebook in particular to have to pay money (and Google, but not Twitter, Instagram, Bing etc!), whilst very loosely and vaguely defining who they have to pay money to, such that you could easily fit the definition.

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