Who has the best Vidiyo prices?

LEGO Vidiyo has officially been released, with sets now widely available in stores across the country and online.


But who has the best prices? There are 7 different products in the range (not counting the total number of different bandmates) and across all of them Kmart and Big W have the best prices.

Kmart and Big W are charging $19 for the BeatBox sets and $5 for the blind box Bandmates.

Target have priced themselves right out of the fight by charging $3 more for the BeatBox sets.

Surprisingly Amazon still have these at RRP and haven’t matched the Kmart/Big W pricing. If you are looking for quick and easy delivery it might be worth keeping an eye on the Amazon listings to see if they are lowered.

Here are the links for each store

Set NameRRPKmartBig WTargetAmazon
Alien DJ BeatBox$25.99$19.00$19.00$22.00$25.99
Candy Mermaid BeatBox$25.99$19.00$19.00$2.00$25.99
HipHop Robot BeatBox$25.99$19.00$19.00$22.00$25.99
Party Llama BeatBox$25.99$19.00$19.00$22.00$25.99
Punk Pirate BeatBox$25.99$19.00$19.00$22.00$25.99
Unicorn DJ BeatBox$25.99$19.00$19.00$22.00$25.99

4 thoughts on “Who has the best Vidiyo prices?

  1. Brick Chap Reply

    Shame they havent lowered the price on the City roadplates and associated sets 🙁

    Hate to be a nitpicker but that Candy Mermaid box for only $2.00 is a great bargain compared to $19…. (typo, not a big problem, easily rectified)

    I really wish this theme had been more music based instead of a Tik Tok rip off. They couldve made it educational, such as brick-built instruments similar to the BeatBox which allow you to import those instruments into the app as well as learn about various instruments, particularly classical ones.

    Expose kids to real music instead of the trash they listen to for 2 minutes on their earpods then never like again… And to be clear I wouldnt just do classical, bring in some jazz and blues related sets as well as other styles like Latin or instruments from different cultures such as steel drums or a balalaika would be pretty cool!

    Not to mention of course a CMF musician series. Famous classical composers along with the icons of the 20th century. Id start listing ideas but there are too many! And Id hate to leave someone important out in my list.

  2. Dave Reply

    Target will have them for 17.60 in a few weeks, but the question is, do I wait until later in the year for 20% off at Big W and risk missing out 😉

    • Sheridon Reply

      I saw them for $16.25 at Coles today on clearance and the blind boxes are $3.75

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