Amelia Earhart GWP now available

While the LEGO stores around the country offered this a few weeks ago I know a lot of people were hanging out for an online store release. Well now LEGO have pulled the trigger and the Amelia Earhart Tribute set is available.


You’ll need to spend $199 or more to get your hands on this one. The offer ends March 14, if it lasts that long.

All the details can be found here.

LEGO was kind enough to send me one of these so keep and eye out for my thoughts soon.

1 thought on “Amelia Earhart GWP now available

  1. Ricky Reply

    Thanks very much. I pulled the trigger but not confident if LEGO would totally accepted the sale or more like the freebie – Amelia Earhart set. I am hoping they would have enough stock this time.

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