Review: Periodic Table of LEGO Colors

If you are an AFOL there’s a decent chance you have seen the original Periodic table of LEGO colours product. It was kind of all over the internet last year and I know a lot of people grabbed one. The people behind the product – We Love What You Build – have now released a new version.


The WLWYB team was kind enough to send me a copy of the 2021 product and over an exclusive deal for Bricking Around readers that you can find at the end of this article.

The concept of the periodic table of LEGO colours is simple: a chart with all of the LEGO colours. The key to a simple idea is the execution. So have they nailed it? Yeah they have.


The beauty of the periodic table is the design choices. The way the elements are set out, the graphic design, the elemental style short names. There is a lot of thought put in to this. Just be aware that this is an American product and there are is a distinct lack of U’s in colour.


Each square features some information that is explained using a legend in the bottom right corner. There is the years the piece went in to production to when it ended (if it has) as well as bricklink ids and LEGO names.


The LEGO itself is small – each piece is some type of 1×1 element. It’s enough to give you a look at each colour. Necessity means that not every element is the same but I like the variety. Pieces are glued on and appear to be quite secure.


The poster itself is printed on a thick card stock making it really solid. My only complaint would be that it can be a bit hard to read in certain light, but that’s very minor.


The rear features an attached plastic loop so you can quickly and easily place the item on your wall.


I really like items that allow you to express your love of the LEGO brand in a fun way that isn’t outlandish or overly juvenile. The Periodic Table of LEGO Colours hits that sweet spot of meaningful to an AFOL but still cool to non-AFOLs.

Exclusive Discount

Bricking Around readers can get 10% off the cost of the LEGO Periodic Table of LEGO Colors using the discount code BRICKINGAROUND at checkout. This link should also automatically add the discount at checkout.

WLWYB sent me a review copy of this product. Opinions expressed are my own. I don’t receive a commission from sales using the code or link above.

3 thoughts on “Review: Periodic Table of LEGO Colors

  1. Andrew Reply

    What a brilliant idea. A quick check of the site suggests that standard shipping is included in this price ($36 US with the discount), so a pretty good deal. Michael, are you able to confirm this please and let us know how it is shipped (rolled or flat)? Thank you

    • Michael Post authorReply

      Shipping should be included for that price. The item is a thick card stock so won’t roll. Mine was shipped by FedEx, and was pretty quick. Was well packed in bubble wrap inside a box that was then put in the shipping box. I assume mine wasn’t shipped differently to everybody else.

      • Andrew Reply

        Thank you. Sounds like they do it properly. I think it’s an extra $20 for Fedex but it may be worth it

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