Big W is having a clearance sale

It looks like Big W has chucked the clearance label on a bunch of sets. Unfortunately it seems that what you’ll find on offer will vary based on where you live, so I can’t provide a definitive list of what is on sale.

If you head over to the Big W website using this link it should show the clearance items applicable for your location.

I have also heard there are a bunch of sets marked as clearance in store too so it may be worth checking out your local to see what they’ve got marked down.

Let me know in the comments if you spot anything particularly exciting in your neck of the woods.

Thanks to everybody who emailed or messaged me about this sale.

7 thoughts on “Big W is having a clearance sale

  1. agis Reply

    LEGO Friends The Party Boat – 41433 is the only one listed here in SA… So far..

  2. Andrew Reply

    For once I was in the right place at the right time. Saw this yesterday and my local (ACT) had the 42114 Volvo Hauler for $149. With my Woolies Reward vouchers that made it the best value Lego set I’ve ever bought.

  3. Matthew Reply

    wow, wish i’d seen this yesterday, they are crazy sales on expensive technic sets, but alas now sold out

  4. Jonathan Wilson Reply

    I can’t get anything to show up except a Friends hot air balloon (which I might vaguely be interested in at that price just for parts except there is no stock at any of the Big W stores I can actually get to), a Friends boat (which I have no interest in) and one of those Friends play cubes (also no interest)

    • Andrew Reply

      Weirdly at my local store, there are no indications of a clearance and the prices on the shelves are their usual list. Scan the clearance items, however, and they show up at the clearance price. It may be that your store has some of these that are no longer online, might be worth checking if you’re there.

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