Local details of new Star Wars display pieces

Walmart accidentally revealed these new LEGO Star Wars display pieces a little early but now that the embargo has officially lifted I can share local pricing and release dates with you. Not sure what I am talking about? LEGO has today officially announced three brand new 18+ display sets; Darth Vader helmet, Scout Trooper Helmet and Probe Droid.

Here are the details…

75304 Darth Vader™ Helmet – $89.99 RRP


Capture the sinister look of the Star Wars icon and ultimate villain, with the 834-piece displayable model. Offering an immersive building experience, the finished helmet makes an impressive display piece.

75305 Scout Trooper™ Helmet – $89.99 RRP


The stunning 471-piece helmet has been created as an homage to the Scout Troopers’ ultimate reconnaissance and infiltration abilities. Dust off your speeder bike and enjoy recreating every contour and detail with LEGO bricks.

75306 Imperial Probe Droid™ – $119.99


Adult builders can recreate scenes from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back on the ice planet Hoth™ when constructing this distinctive droid. The 638-piece model features a transparent pole to ‘suspend’ the droid over the buildable snowy scene.

All three of these sets will be available to pre-order from today, but they don’t officially go on general sale until April 26th.

Check out additional images below.

5 thoughts on “Local details of new Star Wars display pieces

  1. Harry Reply

    Thanks for the update.
    I find those local prices strange when you compare the part count… I guess part count doesn’t mean as much now?
    Anyway I like all of them! Really like the scout trooper and that probe druid would go well with bb8 and d-o and r2d2

  2. Andrew Shrapnel Reply

    Thanks for posting this but I don’t understand how they factor pricing. In the US, Darth Vader is $69.99, the Droid is $59.99 & the Scout Trooper is $49.99. Why can’t they make the pricing tiers consistent?

    • sterow Reply

      It’s very odd – but I think to our advantage, right? As in the Darth Vader helmet has a premium in the US that hasn’t been added here (where every helmet is $90).

  3. Mark Reply

    The pricing of the droid in local currency vs the USD is insane. Any chance you pass on a query to the local lego HQ and ask what is going on.

    For comparison you could pick up the yoda (on sale) for around the same amount which would be much better value.

    Are we expecting deep discounts on this in a few months.

  4. Richard Reply

    How do you “pre-order”? I don’t see any option on the Lego website for this.

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