The Amelia Earhart Tribute should have been a general release

The Amelia Earhart set has come and seemingly gone, which is a shame. I think this set deserved to sit on shelves on its own rather than just left relegated to GWP status.

Firstly let’s talk about the build itself. LEGO is no stranger to planes and I found this one to be a really great build even with limited parts.


It’s not going to blow your mind but there is a bit of snot work and the way the floats are done is interesting.


What really elevates the build is the display stand.


Whoever decided that the plane needed to sit at an angle was a genius. It gives it a sense of movement.


There are also quite a few stickers across the plane and display stand. Some of these could definitely have been printed parts if this was a retail release.


The included minifigure is pretty great if not a bit generic. If you looked at it outside of the context of this set you probably wouldn’t pick it as Amelia, but when presented with the plane it works.


I think this set could have existed as part of a theme that celebrated historical figures. The set was “released” to coincide with International Womens Day which is a noble cause that I fully support. But wouldn’t it have been cooler if you girls could go in to a store and pick this set up for $20 – $30 and learn about Amelia and her achievements? Instead of having to fork out $150 during a very limited window to get this? There is a perverse irony in the fact that LEGO Amelia Earhart has now essentially gone missing.


This set was sent to me by LEGO for review

3 thoughts on “The Amelia Earhart Tribute should have been a general release

  1. squidy74squidy74 Reply

    Fully agree with you on this, it should have been the first in a new line of sets for general release not a limited GWP. Only critic I have on the build is the connection point for the plane to the stand, two studs is not enough for the weight, dropped the stand the first time I picked it up lol!! Thanks for highlighting this, hopefully Lego takes notice.

  2. Andrew Reply

    Lovely little set, precisely the sort of pocket money sets Lego should be producing IMHO. A great way of combining a fun, fairly simple build with worthwhile educational content. Agree that the connection to the stand is flimsy but I imagine this could be easily addressed.

    Be ideal if this was the first in a series of historical sets highlighting female achievements, that’d be an awesome series to collect. So many interesting subjects they could highlight.

    I’m not a sticker fan but they are appropriate in this set. Would have been good if Amelia’s map was printed though.

  3. Kon Reply

    Agree they should make it GWP and then later bring it back like the seasons sets as general release an be Lego exclusive could be a good order filler. Or have it so that you can buy it with your lego points.

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