LEGO Certified Store coming to Canberra

Our nation’s capital – Canberra in case you didn’t know – is getting its very own LEGO Certified Store.

Sydney Certified LEGO Store. Canberra still being built.
Sydney Certified LEGO Store. Canberra still being built.

There is no opening date included in the announcement but a job ad for a retail store manager has a commencement date of May 21st, so it’ll obviously be around then. If you are looking for a job then you’ll find the listing here.

The store will be located at the Canberra Centre and it will be over 250sqm.

The store will feature all the usual inclusions:

  • A large, wall mounted mosaic and a world-first 3D model of a local landmark – made by the Southern Hemisphere’s only LEGO Certified Professional, Ryan McNaught or ‘Brickman’;
  • Pick a Brick Wall – grab a cup and fill it with your choice of LEGO bricks and elements, with endless combinations of shapes and colours to choose from;
  • Build a Minifigure™ Tower – mix and match from a wide selection of heads, hair, tops, bottoms and accessories to create a bespoke LEGO Minifigure™ collection;
  • Digital Box – scan almost any LEGO boxed set and watch it come to life in 3D, live on the wall-mounted screen in-store;
  • Brick Specialists: in-store experts can help brick fans of all ages select the perfect set, whether it’s a special gift, or a treat for the family’s resident LEGO fan.

4 thoughts on “LEGO Certified Store coming to Canberra

  1. Andrew Reply

    !!!!!! What more can I say, except “you beauty”. Been waiting for this since they started opening stores here, it seems they’ve finally got around to the important one ;).

  2. TeufelHund Reply

    All right! Would put in an application for store manager but not sure if they’d match my cushy government management salary (they certainly wouldn’t match the superannuation contribution).

  3. Jonathan Wilson Reply

    I am surprised they haven’t done anything in Perth yet. There have been rumors but nothing concrete which is surprising given all the AFOLs and other LEGO fans in that town.

  4. Andrew W Reply

    Omgggg this is so exciting!!!! I wish they would put up a sales assistant job ad as well because I am so desperate to apply!!! :)))

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