What do you think of the Batman Cowl?

The buildable Batman Cowl is now up on the LEGO website, which means we’ve got a heap of pictures and the Australian RRP.


The set will cost $89.99 when it is released on April 26th. [affiliate link]

Honestly, I’m a bit mixed on this one. I like the concept but I don’t know if the gaping hole where Batman’s mouth would be works.

I’d love to you know what you think of it?

Additional images below.

2 thoughts on “What do you think of the Batman Cowl?

  1. Dave Reply

    I don’t mind it- it’s accurate! I think they’ve filled the gap in well enough for it to have shape and appear empty, which is some achievement. I get the criticism though, and maybe that’s just a limitation of the mask concept.

  2. squidy74squidy74 Reply

    If the strap sat a bit higher it wouldn’t be so bad. Don’t know what’s up with Lego’s website lately but this isn’t showing up in the shop/new section, had to go to theme, have been having that issue a lot the last few months, not helpful if you want to see what’s new or coming soon, have to check each theme.

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