Looney Tunes CMF Series officially revealed

After leaks and early sales all over the world LEGO has today officially shared the full line-up of the highly anticipated Looney Tunes CMF series.


There are no chase Minfigures in this series so it should be possible to split a box with your friends.

Overall I really like these. Obviously there are some characters better suited to the minifigure format than others. There are also probably characters that people wish were included.

Do you plan on picking these up? Let me know in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Looney Tunes CMF Series officially revealed

  1. Colin Henson Reply

    I will. try for a box: I have 2 grandchildren and myself. What is the best way to pick up a box?

  2. Rose Reply

    These are going to sell out faster than hot cakes, I think. Loads of people not even into Lego especially are going to go for these. This will be a full set purchase for me.

  3. Harry Bormeisters Reply

    Anyone seen these anywhere yet? I heard lego moved their warehouse to Melbourne and they’ve been delayed. Still haven’t seen them in store myself…

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