Get Double VIP Point on your LEGO purchases right now

What’s better than lame single VIP points? Double VIP points! It’s twice as good. That’s just basic maths.

If you head over the the LEGO online store from today until April 20th you’ll get twice the regular VIP points on all purchases.


Is anything good in stock? It doesn’t actually look too bad. At the time of writing this the following are all available…

After something else? Head over to the store now before this offer ends.

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6 thoughts on “Get Double VIP Point on your LEGO purchases right now

  1. Andrew Reply

    I’ve just received a Lego VIP email saying the Ulysses Probe reward is now available for redemption, but it doesn’t appear on my rewards page when I log in. Anyone else been able to redeem that?

    • sterow Reply

      Andrew, I had the same experience and question. Wonder whether it’s a mistake or if they instantly sold out.

      • Andrew Reply

        Thanks Michael, it can’t have sold out already surely? My email was timed at 11:18 this morning, I would have seen it about an hour after that.

  2. Barks Reply

    I am itching to get the Ulysses, but the VIP process is so opaque…

  3. Zer0G Reply

    Would be marked as sold out if it was gone right?
    Also has date of 14/4/2021 9am will it be available then ?

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