LEGO Website team frantically trying to find a Time Teacher set

Once upon a time LEGO released a set called Time Teacher, to teach children how to tell the time.


Clearly the team in charge of VIP promotions never got a copy of this set because it seems nobody knows when 9am is.

For those of you who missed out on the Ulysses Space Probe set, I’m sorry. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to sit and refresh the page all day waiting for somebody at LEGO to finally make it live.

To those of you who did get one, congratulations.

5 thoughts on “LEGO Website team frantically trying to find a Time Teacher set

  1. Andrew Reply

    I have an idea for next year’s Lego April Fools – issue a press release to say that Lego has finally realised GWPs are a good marketing tool and have made enough of them this time to last the whole month of the promotion, so everyone who wants one will get one. Trouble is, no-one would fall for it :(.

  2. Andrew Reply

    P.S. Grandson has the Time Teacher set. If I can persuade him to part with it, I’ll put it up on Ebay for $1,000, which seems to be the going rate for pocket money rarities these days.

    • Christopher Grigsby Reply

      You mean “‘how can they get this so wrong so often?”!
      With GWP/VIP sets like this being the ONLY reason to shop from Lego and not heavily discounting retailers it’s nothing short of disheartening.

      Great Time Teacher gag Michael. It’d be funny if it wasn’t true. 🙁

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