Ulysses Space Probe available at 9am AEST… hopefully

After a confusing email yesterday it appears that the Ulysses Space Probe VIP reward will be going live shortly at 9am AEST.


The set will cost you 1800 VIP points to redeem. Now is a great time to put in an order, get this set and earn double VIP points.

You’ll be able to get yours via the VIP rewards centre.

Hopefully this does actually go live when it is meant to.

24 thoughts on “Ulysses Space Probe available at 9am AEST… hopefully

  1. Andrew Reply

    8:59, browser loaded and ready to go ;). The things we do for our hobby …

  2. Paul Reply

    From Customer Service ‘chat’:
    – Thanks for letting us know! Our team is working on getting that posted as quickly as possible
    – yes, I don’t know how fast, but it’ll be up soon

  3. Andrew Reply

    10:05, still no sign of life. Website is becoming unresponsive, presumably because of the additional load of constant refreshing ;).

  4. CS Reply

    We all have to ask ourselves why we are so addicted to such a poorly managed product! Itโ€™s a sickness people ๐Ÿ™‚ As I refresh again…

    • Andrew Reply

      Yep, guilty as charged. In my defence I’ll say that it’s less harmful to self and others than, say, smoking, and possibly even cheaper ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • LP Reply

      This!! It’s truly an addiction – and now I’m adding more stuff to my shopping cart while I wait…

  5. Gjbricks Reply

    I wish this wasnโ€™t another LEGO exclusive fail, but so far itโ€™d be quicker to buy the parts from bricklink and have them delivered…

  6. Adam Romano Reply

    They are consistently disappointing, especially to Australian consumers. it will go live at a random time and be gone before we even know its live. They will not even consider using the VIP mail list to update customers and reschedule to a fair time. And we still have the other region exclusives to look forward to missing out on this year

  7. Andrew Reply

    Redeemed, finally. Perhaps a better system might have been to have been able to back order it at the time of purchasing the Shuttle. Now I have to find something else I can’t live without .. decisions, decisions.

  8. Adam Romano Reply

    Sold out as usual and the banner never even updated to availble now. the qty must have been tiny.

  9. Barks Reply

    Dammit! I have been checking in all day for it to be up, and now it has been and come and gone. Really not happy.

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