LEGO Masters Season 3 – Episode 1 Recap

And we are back! Just like last year I am going to try my best do a recap of each episode of LEGO Masters Season 3. If you haven’t watched the episode yet turn away now.

We open with Brickman and Hamish and a little bit of COVID awkwardness.


And here are our teams. They come in and all stand 1.5m away from the other teams. Welcome to the COVID edition of LEGO Masters.


Time for a little bit of banter with our teams. There is a genuine excitement among all of the teams. Fleur is particularly excited.

Being the first build the teams will be playing for something special. In year’s past this has been the Golden Brick. This year we have the Platinum Brick. This brick will give you immunity but the difference this year is that you get to play it at the end of the day not the start of it. That is a huge change. If you have that and know your build is shit you can save yourself, but if you do great then you can save it.


It’s time to reveal the first build, and after some foreshadowing from Fleur it is – a train! What do the teams actually have to build? The task is called “Stop in your tracks”. They have to build something cool enough to stop the train.

Now for something new… another brick! Hamish wheels out a selection of black bags. One of them contains THE BRICK OF DOOM! (Yes I will capitalise this every time). THE BRICK OF DOOM will give one team a disadvantage both real and psychological.

THE BRICK OF DOOM is drawn by Ryan and Gabby. The only way to break the curse is to win a challenge. Also as long as they have THE BRICK OF DOOM they will have 5 minutes less per build.

Hamish reveals the first build is 17 hours, which kind of lessens the impact of that 5 minutes.

The teams get their section of landscape and it’s time for the brick pit. I want to live there.


We get our first little cut away introduction to the teams. This time it’s “Science communicator” Jess and Anthony is a movie buff. I’m not sure if he actually has a job too. They don’t say.

They are doing a volcano. They won’t win it. Volcanos have been done and unless it’s something amazing it’s not going to impress.

Time for the Fleur and Sarah intro package. Sarah refers to themselves as team bikini models rather than “Team Mothership” that they are really going with. I’m already a huge fan of Sarah, she’s great. Fleur’s story is really something that will resonate with a lot of AFOLs.

Fleur and Sarah are building a Geisha Temple, complete with a giant geisha head. This could be super cool. I love the sushi train idea.

David and Gus get their intro. I missed what David does but GUS BUILDS DINOSAURS FOR A LIVING! I want to hang out with Gus so he can introduce me to the Dinosaurs.

David and Gus are doing a giant crocodile chomping on the train. I like the idea but power functions can make or break a build. Literally.

Cursed team Ryan and Gabby definitely appear to be falling victim to THE BRICK OF DOOM, with Ryan somehow managing to cut himself.

Scott and Owen are doing aliens. It’s not the most original idea but they seem to be putting a lot of thought in to the story, which we haven’t seen from the other teams so far.

They are doing an octagon which isn’t the easiest shape to make. There is debate about how many shakas high their build should be. I say 3.

Gabby and Ryan are building a Yeti. I really like the stomping mechanism they are doing. If it breaks they are screwed.

Time for Gabby and Ryan’s intro. Two married people doing stuff together without their spouses? It’s like I’m watching MAFS.

Jess wasn’t listening to the time call. Hamish seems a little hurt.

Amy and Dawei have not been featured much at all. So obviously they won’t win.

We are only just getting to Michael and Harrison’s build. Again they won’t win it or we’d have seen their build by now. I like the idea of a theme park but it seems a bit cluttered.

Amy and Dawei are doing a magical mountain with miners. I feel like this might get lost amongst the existing mountains that are part of the display.

Fleur and Sarah are doing sushi and it looks great. The geisha face is also great. And we have something falling. Sarah doesn’t stress.

Jess and Anthony’s lava looks great. Nice use of clear bricks.

Jeff and Atlanta get their intro. Jeff works in IT and Atlanta is a luxury dice consultant. Which is apparently a thing? I’m learning about all sorts of new things tonight.

They are doing a Cheese God. This sounds super dark and I love it. It’s an interesting idea and not something done before.

Uh oh. Hamish is hinting at a twist. BUT THERE’S NO TWIST! Which is in itself a twist.

The geisha collapses again. It looks like they were trying to attach it with a single row of studs. It’s going to need more than that.

Fleur is going to rework the support structure.

Over on Gabby and Ryan’s build their mechanism is working but Gabby has to add detailing which is where stuff breaks all the time.

Scott and Owen attach their mothership and the Power Functions work great. This is going to be a contender if they can add more detailing.

Anthony and Jess have power functions too which is spinning fire. I don’t really get it.

The chomping croc is another great use of Power Functions. I think the problem here is that Gus and David haven’t got enough ‘other stuff’.

It’s JORDIE! Hi Jordie! Good to see he’s still getting work.

Time for the frantic final minutes. Always exciting because so often people break stuff at this point.

Two minutes remaining and the teams have to move their builds. No disasters so far. Except that Amy and Dawei aren’t moving! GET IT OVER THERE! They cut that close.

Time to see the final builds…

Scott and Owen

The mothership is really great. Not an easy shape to do. They have also packed their section with a lot of detail and a clear story. This could win it.


David and Gus

The croc is good but it blends in with the background too much and theirs not a lot else going on. It’s fine to have a big showstopper but you’ve got to surround it with a story.

Jess and Anthony

I still don’t understand the spinning fire? I don’t think Hamish and Brickman do either. Like I said earlier, volcanos have been done. This hasn’t done enough to impress.

Michael and Harrison

The theme park is a bit too cluttered with the different themes. They should have just picked one and really nailed it.

Dawei and Amy

It’s colourful but I don’t really like it. Agree that a cave wasn’t the best idea.

Jeff and Atlanta

I love the dark story of this one. It’s a decent enough build. I think this would have worked better with just one giant cheese rather than the two. The story is great.

Gabby and Ryan

This one is cool. The Yeti is really well done and I think the additional story/detailing is sufficient. I don’t think it’ll win but it’s good.

Fleur and Sarah

While this doesn’t have any moving parts this build is stunning. The geisha looks amazing and the brick build sushi looks good enough to eat. For me this is the winner. I also really love the “sushi train” idea.


The top two are…

Fleur and Sarah and Scott and Owen. Clearly the top two today. These are both teams to watch.

There can only be one winner who takes home the Platinum Brick.

And that is… Fleur and Sarah. I am super happy with this result. I loved their build and they seem super nice.

Final thoughts

I’m excited to see what else is in store for this season. It certainly seems that there are a few teams this year that don’t have a prior relationship. That could come in to play later in the season when the pressure builds.

How great is it having LEGO Masters back!?

4 thoughts on “LEGO Masters Season 3 – Episode 1 Recap

  1. Dave Reply

    A lot of focus on the technical tonight, I didn’t see much story (but it looked like the story based ones didn’t get much screen time). I can’t really pick any obvious ranking yet, so on we go!

    Ps- I heard Brikini Models, but it was a point of contention in our house too.

  2. TeufelHund Reply

    I didn’t think the winning model was that great (the side buildings were literally just rectangular blocks). Also that team was far and away the most annoying and giving them the platinum bricks just means they’ll be polluting the show longer than they might have otherwise.

  3. Scott Reply

    Seems like a lot of the teams were placed together for the show. I wonder how long they get to know each other and their building skills/strengths before filming begins.
    So happy that the only television show worth watching is back on our screens!

    • Michael Post authorReply

      I think it was a lot harder to cast this season with COVID being an issue.

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